Will the world know you’re here?

What people ignore.

To be ignored is to be invisible .   The predictable is boring and therefore invisible.  Don’t be predictably common or worse, absent.  Show up and surprise people.   Pay attention TO others, don’t beg for seek attention FROM others.

I generally shun the self-centered, the unreliable and the apathetic, don’t you?  Don’t be self-centered, unreliable or apathetic.  Take pride in every aspect of your work – including the tiniest and boringest of details – this is the difference between being ignored and earning attention.

Nobody’s keen on paying A Player money to a B Player.  This applies to fun, food and other goods and services.  Always bring your A game.  If you don’t have an A Game, develop one.  If you don’t want to develop an A Game, do yourself and everyone else a favor,  give up or quit and go home.

Who people adore.

People adore themselves and the people who adore them or others they adore.  Adore other people at least as much as you adore yourself.  If you don’t or can’t adore yourself you have a big problem.  Fix your big problem before you try to help others with their big and small problems.

 I see you, do you see me?

If we don’t surprise, delight, deliver and adore we’re invisible to other people.  I we want people to know we’re here, we have to act like it.