The Woodlands Sales and Inventory Snapshot | September 2nd, 2012 | Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene

Sales UP

As you can see sales continue to impress and it appears there is not end is sight.  With super low mortgage rates, commercial, corporate and retail construction underway and planned, inbound corporate relocation migration and escalating employment, the limiting factor is For Sale Inventory.  The Average Number Of Days On Market for listings inventory had dropped to 57 days and the Average Sold Price to List Price Percentage has risen a full percentage point, from 96% to 97%.  All signs point to a slow and steady rise in prices.

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Listing Inventory Down

Lack of inventory is restraining sales in The Woodlands.  The Average Listing Price in The Woodlands is $652,842 and the Median List Price is $354,950 and $115.79 Per Square Foot.

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Keep in mind these numbers represent the very big picture.  To understand precisely what’s happening in your neighborhood give us a call at 281-367-3531 and we can share up to the minute  relevant research, data and activity in your specific neighborhood.  Thanks.