Homes Sales Reports for The Woodlands, Spring and Magnolia TX – August 2014

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Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – August 25th, 2014

To Know. To Share. To Do.

Sales Up

Sales Opportunities Surge


Sales in TheWoodlands have surged out of the summertime blues. Last months sales swooned nearly 20% compared to July 2013.  August sales and listing activity tells a positive tale. Based on MTD sales velocity, August should end up with 256 sales, which would be 12% improvement compared to August of 2013.

Sales for the remainder of 2014 will be up or equal to last years best of all time. Prepare yourself2015 will explode, requiring seat belts, a sense of humor and safety glasses.

Listing selection (inventory) is sitting at 697 homes For Sale. The best selection in over thirty months and down just a smidgeon from the inventory of 720 at the beginning of the month. 

What’s it all mean? Selection is better. Sales are solid. Prices are on the rise. Less stress and frenzy for buyers. Seller’s are enjoying a Seller’s Market. Our hardworking agents are experiencing a rich flow of inbound corporate transferees and as many of the under construction office buildings and corporate headquarters are completed throughout 2015 there will be literally thousands of new neighbors moving into and working in and around and near The Woodlands. 2015 will set a new record for real estate activity. 

The Geo-Pro Smart Way To Grab Opportunity

3 – 2 – 1 … We Have Lift Off! Geo Pro Farming System Has Launched!

photo (1)The plan for world domination is underway — or at least the plan for The Woodlands domination, anyway.  For the agents that have signed up, every 3 weeks gorgeous, effective marketing pieces will be delivered to the various farms.

If you are looking for something to add to your lead generation tool kit, come see me.  I can give you more of the details about our Geo Pro Farming system and how you might get involved.

To Your Success!

2015 Fusion Convention – Vegas Style

Last year’s event was impressive.  If you can, join us.  It will be epic and unforgettable.

If you’re interested in saving $100 on the Early Bird price, take advantage of this Bulk Rate Offer Today.  Get your completed Bulk Registration Form and your check for $279 make payable to Sharon Teusink by 5pm this Thursday.   We will deliver the registrations to Sharon Teusink Friday morning.

Fusion 2015 Registration Form

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Out Going Broker To Broker Referrals Are Important

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Congrats and thanks.

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Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – August 11, 2014

To Do. To Know. To Share

Instill confidence elimante doubt

Where’s Ken?

I’ll be at our monthly manager’s meeting today and in the office Tuesday – Friday.  I’ll return calls during the break and lunch if I can be helpful.  Thanks for all you do.

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Don’t Get Left Behind In This Listing Surge

Our neighbors, friends, past clients of friends of friends are deciding to sell.  Listing Inventory (711) in The Woodlands is the highest it’s been in thirty two months.

BE the one they list with.  Be the BEST choice.

Send, Call, See, Share, Serve, Solve and Simplify.

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2014 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands Ausgust 1st

Seller’s Disclosure

Here’s an ARTICLE from TAR that outlines what a seller is required to disclose.

Is a seller required to disclose a death on the property?  Here’s the answer from TAR.

A simple, powerful and pitch-perfect response to the question, “How’s The Market?”

Linsey shared this with me.  Over 22,500 competitors have watched this video.   It’s excellent.

Opportunities to answer this question with confidence and relevance are powerful success generators.

Take three minutes and forty three seconds to watch this video, then take another two minutes to think about how you will answer the question, “How’s the market?”.

Next thing you know, you’ll be motoring up the drive-thru, smiling at the teller, and making a deposit.

Click To Watch Powerful Video Now.

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Congratulations to our July Top Performers!

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Thanks for all you do. If Linsey or I can be helpful, please call on us. Or text. Or eMail.


Real Estate Home Sales Report for The Woodlands, Magnolia and Spring TX. August 2014

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What is a seller required to disclose when selling their home in TX?

Click HERE to download the .PDF explaining Seller’s Disclosure requirements