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Market REports

Click HERE to download all the Market Reports for The Woodlands, Spring and Magnolia.


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Real Estate Market Snapshot – The Woodlands, TX | August 1st 2014

Sales Go From HOT to Not As Hot

The Woodlands, TX

When the economy smiles and citizens feel confident about their financial future they take well deserved vacations.  When would be buyers and sellers making elective moves are on vacation and enjoying life, sales take temporary breather too.

Another factor impacting the MLS sales numbers is non MLS new home sales. New home builders have been working feverishly to deliver new home product in and outside The Woodlands.  Much of the new home builder inventory and their record sales success do not appear in the MLS.  Although reported sales in MLS are less, overall sales are granite solid. No doubt 2014 will end as the second best year in the history of The Woodlands.  2015 will set anew record.

Bottom Line:  Sales are a bit no-big-deal slower.  Months Supply Of Inventory sits at just over three months of supply ( See Months Supply Of Inventory picture below).  A six month of supply of inventory is considered a balanced real estate market.  A three months supply defines a solid seller’s market.  Unstoppable external factors like job growth, commercial, retail and residential construction, corporate relocation and economic positivity will propel healthy sales and rising prices into 2015.  Slower sales and healthy selection is positive for locals considering a move up, down or sideways.  The selection of for sale homes to choose from, resale and new home construction, is the best it’s been in over two years.

Selection Is The Best It’s Been In Over Two Years

More selection is a positive factor.

Bottom Line:  For those considering a move in, up or sideways, now is the time because selection is great prices are mortgage rates are sure to rise.  The longer you wait the more expensive your move.

Months Supply Of Inventory and Sold Stats

Month Supply Of Inventory August 1st The Woodlands


This snapshot is filled with interesting info.  What do you think?

Dear Sellers

It remains a strong seller’s market but not every seller wins big.  Rising resale inventory, new home builder competition and slightly fewer buyers can lead to loss of equity with lower Sold To List Price results and longer days on market.  Choose wisely and win.

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Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders | July 28, 2014

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Add No-Sweat Geo Farming To Your Plan and Commission Checks To Your Bank Account

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Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders | July 21st, 2014

To Hear. See. Share. Do. Know.



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Join US for the Company Mid Year Meeting Celebration | Book The Date – Tuesday, August 5th.

MidYear Meeting


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The Woodlands, Magnolia and Spring TX Home Sales Report – June/July 2014

Sales Coast.  Prices Rise.  Selection Improves.

Click HERE to download the home sales market reports for The Woodlands, Spring and Magnolia TX.


Sales Coast

Written year-to-date sales  in The Woodlands dipped 6.4% compared to the same 2013 time period.  In the first half of 2013 there were 1,724 reported sales, this year during the same time period there were 1,613.

Although the first half of this year has lagged a step behind last years (best-of-all-time sales numbers).  Due to the steady flow or inbound buyers associated with a work transfer, fall and winter sales will bounce over last years totals and we can look forward to exploding sales in 2015.

2014 Under Contract Month to Month The Woodlands July 2nd

Home Prices in The Woodlands Rise

$444,927!  That’s the Average Sold Price ( January 1st to June 30th, 2014)  in The Woodlands .  That’s a whopping $46,877 (11.77%) over 2013 Average Sold Price for the same 2013 time period.

Selection Improves

The selection of homes for sale in The Woodlands is the best it’s been in twenty-two months.

2014 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands July 2

More Detail

Sellers Keep More Of Their Money When They Choose A Gary Greene Pro.

!m+ Sold Price To List Price Percentage The Woodlands july 2014

Sold Price To List Price Percentage July 2014 500k+ The Woodlands

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