The Woodlands Real-Estate-Market Weather Forecast for 2017

Good Riddance Stormy Skies.


Upbeat?  Beatdown?

Our future is sunny.  Why?

  • Consumer Confidence on the high-rise.
  • Not falling oil prices.
  • Mortgages rates and home prices on the rise.
  • Disguised as renters, homebuyers reveal themselves.
  • Pent-Up demand.

Consumer Confidence On The High-Rise.


♠ ♠ ♠

 When consumers feel better about their financial future, they make decisions to move forward.

Mass positive sentiment will foster forward-moving decisions, and homes sales upward in 2017. 

Not Falling Oil Prices.


♠ ♠

In Houston and The Woodlands, we live and die by an oily sword.

This past January, oil prices hit a spectacular low of $27 per barrel.  Dire predictions had prices failing into the low teens. Depressing uncertainty drove a dagger through the heart of home buyer activity, dreams and decision. 

This January brings renewed optimism, hope and enthusiasm.

The worst is past.  The present is safer.  The future is promising.  

When people feel safe and positive about their futures, they un-delay satisfying their pent-up needs and desires.  They make moving-forward home buying decisions.

Sales will grow upward in 2017.

Mortgage Rates, Payments and Prices Will Press Up.


Do people want to pay more?   Or less?  

Mortgage rates are walking up. The longer a buyer waits, the higher interest rates rise. Same house. Same Price. Higher monthly mortgage payment. 

As buyer activity bumps upward, home prices press up too.

Rather than wait and pay more, smart would-be buyers will choose to buy sooner.  And save.

It’s simple math, smarts and human behavior.   Save-money-urgency will pull buyers into the market and 2017 sales upward.

Disguised As Renters Homebuyers Reveal Themselves.


Click HERE for the the best interactive Is It Better To Rent Or Buy Calculator I’ve ever seen.  Courtesy of the New York Times.

♠ ♠

Back in 2012, immediately following the recession, and during the Exxon/Mobil migration, pent-up demand and hyper-growth boiled  The Woodlands real estate market, and home prices, into a  red-frustration of multiple offers, higher prices, stress and skimpy selection.

As a result, hundreds of under-normal-conditions-buyers choose to avoid the frenzy and faded into the background as I’ll-wait-and-see-renters.   

Buying conditions have improved dramatically.

 Inventory/Selection in all price ranges is good, and excellent above $500,000. 

Also, this year’s slower sales vaporized buyer competition, amping seller motivation and a willingness to negotiate. 

Their patience has paid off.  Their leases are expiring. Conditions are ripe.

Homebuyers who acted as renters will move to take advantage of excellent selection, solid seller motivation, upbeat consumer confidence, lower mortgage rates and monthly payments.  Sales will throttle upward in 2017.

Pent Up Demand.


♠ ♠

It always happens!  

We saw a swell of pent-up-demand-action immediate following this past hateful recession.  

We’ll see it again in 2017.

People have been postponing their dreams, needs, and buying decisions for two years.  

This 2017 green-light snap back won’t be as frenzied. Never mind that.  

This reliable pent-up-demand phenomenon will fuel an upward push of listing and sales activity into the spring and summer months. Will it be as muscular as 2012/2013?  No.  But it will be a positive force.

  In Conclusion.


Stormy skies, bye-bye.  Our future is upbeat. 

  • Consumer Confidence on the high-rise.
  • Not falling oil prices.
  • Mortgages rates and home prices on the rise.
  • Disguised as renters, homebuyers reveal themselves.
  • Pent-Up demand.

2017 real estate activity will overshadow the feeble 2016 showing. 

 If you’re thinking of selling, better times are sure.  

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Pss.  Want a quick glance into the rearview mirror.  Here’s The Woodlands Home Sales Report for December 2016.


Thank You and Congratulations To Our October Top Performers

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Home Sales Report for The Woodlands TX – November 2016


Watching Paint Dry:-/

October sales lag lazily behind last years total by 10.9%.

Days On Market are longer.

Statistically, the Average and Median sales price have drifted lower.  Not because values are falling, but because the total number of home sold priced over $500,000 are down 23.7% Year-To-Date.

494 this year, 648 last year.  Therefore, lower sold prices, not values.



Listing inventory is stable. Selection Is Great.


  For Sellers, Competition Is Fierce.

Selection is excellent and buyers in the over $500,000 price range currently enjoy the benefits of a Buyer’s Market.


The Woodlands Home Sales Report

Click HERE to download and view the full report.  Thanks.


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Home Sales Report – The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring and 77389 | BHGRE Gary Greene

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77389 Home Sales Report August 2016

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