Monday Morning Reminders | October 1st, 2012 | Realtor Icons with Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene | The Woodlands and South Montgomery County

It’s end of the month Cat Herding Paperwork Round-Up

Thanks for all your hard work!  Time to lasso, upload and process any sales, listings or closings.  Please go into BackAgent and make sure that all your Orange Tabbed Tasks are complete.  Thanks.

Our new FM1488/Magnolia/South Montgomery County office will Open by October 15th

You can’t really tell by the pictures but it’s getting close.  Next week I’ll be looking at workspace assignments, if you’d like to take a look at the space and you’re interested in headquartering in the new office let me hear from you.  Thanks.

 FREE MCE and More

We’ve been approved to provide our own in-house, exclusive for GG team members, FREE MCE classes.  Yep, they’re FREE because you’re awesome and so is the company.  Space is limited to sign-up, please email or call Dianne McCoy at either or 713-465-6644, ext. 106.  Remember, you can always check our BackAgent Calendar to see what’s happening when.

Working with Foreign Diplomats

Competing with CB United Realtors

Now that we are members of the same Relocation Company Network we will be competing with CBURE on listing appointments.  I thought it would be a good idea to run some Houston Association Of Realtors statistics to see how we compare in terms of getting Listings Sold.  It’s no surprise that our team is the leader.

It’s also no surprise that publishing these graphs has angered our competitors. You may hear or read about their rants claiming that theses numbers are untrue.  Their claims are flat out wrong.  Candidly I believe their anger is more grounded in the fact that they’re losing half of the relocation business to us, that’s a downer any way you slice it.   These numbers are downloaded in raw data form directly from MLS.  In reviewing CBU counter claims and defensive spin keep in mind that our graphs represent Listings Sold (what sellers care about) not total number of transactions (listings sold and buyers).  For sellers this is the most important information, “Which broker sells more listings and which broker on average nets their seller more money.”   As you can see, the answer to that question is YOU🙂

Click Here to view and download the .PDF.  I’ve also stashed them in our shared DropBox folder.

Congrats on your awesomeness, let’s stay strong and the best choice for sellers.

How To Read These Charts

These graphs were created using a software program called Broker Metrics.  If you’re a Broker it’s a sweet program.  What the Broker Metrics program does is grab raw and current data from the Houston Association Of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service.  You ask the software to fetch data based on selected criteria.  The criteria for the graphs below was Residential Listings Sold in Sub Area 107-The Woodlands, from January 1st, 2012 through September 27th, 2012.

Sold Price To Original Price

The higher the percentage the closer to asking price.  The closer to asking price the more money the seller gets at the closing table.  As you can see from these graphs (data from listings sold) shows that on average the sellers who choose us get more money at closing.  It doesn’t happen by accident, we do it on purpose.

Who sold more in terms of dollars?

This chart compares the total value of listing sold per the criteria above.

Who sold more listings in terms of number of properties sold?

We lead this category too.  Using the search criteria this graph is created using the total of number of residential properties sold.

I’ll be all week, if I can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.  Thanks