Monday Morning Icon Agent Reminders | Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene | The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers | January 28th, 2013

A Strong-Like-Bull-Seller’s Market Requires New RISE UP Strategies

Rise Up


Take about three minutes and Read This Article about how buyers can succeed in a seller’s market and ask yourself what new behaviors and expectations are you embracing leading with in our new market.  Remember it’s not the best looking or the most experienced agents who will win in 2013, the agents Pros who adapt to our changing market the fastest and with a smile will win biggest in 2013.

  • How are you adapting?
  • What new stories are you sharing?
  • What new tools are you using?
  • What old habits and bygone realities are you losing?
  • What new strategies are you sharing with your buyers and sellers?

Processing Paperwork Is A Necessary Evil Pain In The Butt – Please Help:-)

I know it is.  I wish it wasn’t.  I need your help.

It’s almost the end of the month and quick check in MLS shows that you are Kicking Ass And Taking Names, but the you’ve been so busy you haven’t paused to catch your breath, pour yourself your favorite beverage, sit down and upload your files into BackAgent.  Please do so as soon as you can.  Thanks so much.

Remember It Only Takes One – But The More You List The Better Your Odds


List-To-Last Make-Our-Own-Market Listing Campaign

The Woodlands Update With Tim Welbes Has Been Postponed

Unfortunately Tim Welbes has been called into planning meetings in California and will be unable to meet with us this month as scheduled.  We will reschedule for mid February or early March when he is available.  The good news is that he will have the most update information possible for his presentation.  Stay tunes for more info.

Our Team Is Sponsoring the February 6th Luncheon – Click On Chuck To RSVP or CLICK HERE.



Sign Up for this HAR Bruch

Monday @ The Magnolia Marketing Center 2:30pm | Seeds Of Success Listing Savvy Strategies (1hr, 30min workshop)

Seeds Of Success - Listing Savvy Strategies

Wednesday @ The Magnolia Marketing Center 12:30pm | What You Need To Know And Do To As a Buyer’s Rep To Minimize Risk and Maximize Your Reward (one hour workshop)

How To Minimize Risk and Maximum Rewards When Working With Buyers

Thursday @ The Magnolia Marketing Center 1pm |  Seeds Of Success – Sharing the BHG and YOU Brand Value, Expired Listing and Online Opportunities (1hr, 30 min workshop)

Seeds Of Success - Sharing the brand value, expired listings and internet opportunities

Thanks for all you do.  If I can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.