Let Mike hands-on, one-on-one guide you through sending your top of mind awareness Real Estate Market Report Post Card.

Mike Tabbert – Tech Savvy Savant at Your Service

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2013 can be a barn burner if we take swift and savvy action.  I’ve hired Mike to help you whip your monthly Real Estate Market Report campaign into action – TODAY.

Contact Mike for your hands-on, one-on-one campaign consultation – Mike Tabbert 713-540-4347

Here’s what Mike will do for you:

  1. Mike will hands-on walk you through the process of exporting your mailing list|contacts from your contact manager.
  2. Mike will almost-like-magic hands-on lead you through the uploading your contact mailing list to your personal MyGreeneHouse.com account.
  3. Mike will patiently guide you through the simple-step-by-step process for sending your monthly Real Estate Market Report post cards to everyone in your database.
  4. Next, you’ll thank Mike, I will pay him and you will be on your way towards more listings, sales, Top Of Mind Awareness and success.  Yea!
  5. Next month all you’ll have to do is log into your MyBHGGreenHouse account and with a few swift clicks, send your monthly Real Estate Market Report. Now you’re rolling like a boss.

Or if you’re into DIY:

You will need to login at www.MyBHGGreenhouse.com….then:

1. Scroll down to The Print Marketing Center, click that,

2. Scroll down again to The Print Marketing Center > Go To Print Marketing Center. Click that

You are now in Xpressdocs in the Greenhouse.

3. To the left of the screen you will see PENDING ORDERS, click that

4. Your file will be listed – AGENT FIRST NAME/AGENT LAST NAME_Year End Mkt Rpt’ >click PLACE to the left of the file name and proceed with the order.

Be sure to select UV COATING ON THE FRONT, there is no cost for that option on postcards and will keep your mail outs looking fresh!

To DIY upload your mailing addresses to your MyBHGGreenhouse.com account watch this: