Is it safe for Locals In The Woodlands to make their move?

New Information and Thoughts About Listing Inventory and Local Would Be Sellers and Buyers In The Woodlands

Listing inventory  Selection is the best it’s been in seven months.  As of today there are 472 active For Sale listings in inventory in The Woodlands.  A little over a month ago on Sunday,June 16th, there were 403. In February there were only 373.  Selection is growing and that’s a good thing. Take a look at the picture below for the details (click on the pictures for a bigger version).

Listing Inventory The Woodlands July 21 2013

more market data

Listing Inventory Stats | The Woodlands| June 16 2013

 Now that the annual home buying summer surge has happened listing inventory the selection of homes is growing. This is good news for locals who wanted to sell and make a move, but didn’t.  The main worry, “What if we sell ours and can’t find another?”  During the summer surge this was a legitimate concern.  Things are changing for the better.

Now that the seasonal surge (see picture below) is slowing, selection is growing and the previously legitimate “what-if-we-don’t-find-something-we-like” worry is waning.   Now may be  a safer better time for locals to take advantage of a still strong seller’s market and the best selection of homes for sale in seven months.

2013 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands July kb

12013 Under Contract Month to Month The Woodlands JulyOne sure thing,  A  new surge of corporate transferees sweeping into town by the thousands to occupy new office towers and corporate headquarters will drive competition and prices up and inventory selection down.

If you’re a Woodlands local you have some new information to consider.  The window for success for selling and finding something you like is open for now.  But when all the out of town buyers sure into town, they’ll shut the window and lock the door.

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