How to order your 300 FREE Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene announcement postcards – The Woodlands TX

The postcard is JUMBO size – 8.5 x 5.5.  Agents may order up to 300 cards and the company will pay the entire amount. The billing account for these cards will be turned off on July 31st, so order NOW, this is a limited time offer only and of course, it won’t be news after July 31.

Directions to find the card:

Log in to

> click RESOURCES in the top right corner of the screen

> click TOOLS on the left side of the screen

> scroll down until you can click BUSINESS CARDS

You are now at Xpressdocs in the Greenhouse > click BH&G ANNOUNCEMENT POSTCARD under GENERAL MARKETING .  (see screen shot below)

You’ll see the regular announcement is on the left, Distinctive Collection is on the right.

This piece is for your Sphere Of Influence (SOI). An agent reported that she was going to be charged $152.00 and wasn’t receiving the credit – she was going to be charged for the MAILING LIST.  This happened because she selected the recipients from the Xpressdocs data base – you will want to UPLOAD YOUR SOI LIST for the mailing to be free.

Last but not least the UV coating is NOT included in the cost of the card

Here’s what the announcement card looks like:



Go, go, go.