How to Go from Zero in Escrow to Boo-Yah in Thirty Days or Less / Chapter 17 from the book Less Blah Blah More Ah Ha

Chapter Seventeen from the book:  Less Blah Blah More Ah Ha – How social savvy real estate agents become trusted, preferred, referred — and rewarded.

How to Go from Zero in Escrow to Boo-Yah in Thirty Days or Less

“You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” ~ J. K. Rowling

Big problem. You’re sipping tall, iced Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.  Chit-chatting.  Your girlfriend Sally shares, “I need to make a sale in the next thirty-seven days or I have to quit the business.”  She confesses, “I don’t have a single active listing, or any qualified buyers.”

She’s broke in bank and spirit.  She’s frowning, drowning, and three-quarters dead in the water.  She pleads for your advice, “What should I do?  I need to make a sale NOW!”

What advice would you share?

What do you believe is the most productive thing Sally can do to position herself to make the required sale and resuscitate her long-term success?  If she doesn’t make a sale in the next thirty-seven days, she’s cooked.

Here’s What I’d Do . . .

First, I’d give her a big hug.  Then I’d tell her that she can make it happen if she wants to, but it won’t be easy. Given that there’s not enough time to focus on taking a listing, odds are it would take too long to sell. So, a laser focus on attracting a qualified buyer is what’s required.

Next, I’d advise her to use “The Jesse James Solution.” Yep, it’s time to get her Jesse James ON!  Whoa! Not Sandra Bullock’s wayward Jesse James, this one:

Judge Roy Bean: “Why do you rob banks?”

Jesse James: “Because that’s where the money is.”

I’d implore my friend Sally to hold public open houses.  Ten public open houses in thirty days.

Why?  Because like Jesse James knew where the money was, in the real estate biz holding an open house event is where she’ll find buyers.

Even in this whiz-bang Internet era of ubiquitous online property listing information, buyers still browse open houses, sometimes in droves.

Holding an open house event is an activity that allows Sally an opportunity take swift and strong action, make contact, and weave renewed success.  You know, instead of hoping and waiting.

I’ll explain where, when, and how to get the best results, in open house event tips below.  But first, let’s understand what an open house event is not.  It’s not showing up late, planting a couple of directionals, flipping the lights on, lighting a prayer candle, and hoping something lucky happens.  It rarely does.  Lady Luck mostly ignores the lazy and befriends the bold.  Read on to find out what an open house event IS.

Back to our broken friend Sally.  Like I said, I’d tell her to hold ten open house events in thirty days.  Strategically selected, well-planned, powerfully promoted, and passionately executed.  Here are the tips I mentioned earlier.

Open House Event Tips

When:  Now! Today!  The sooner the better. Hold open house events on late afternoons and early evening weekdays. Open house signs spied on weekdays and on the way home from work are unusual, and therefore attract attention, which generates traffic.

Hold open house events Saturday and Sunday afternoons (2 p.m. to 5 p.m.).   Your mission, should you accept it: hold Ten Open House Events in thirty days.  You have permission to do more.

Where: Pick a property that is supremely attractive, easy to find with directional arrows ,and is priced in the sweet spot (what’s selling) for your market area. You can research what’s selling best by consulting your Multiple Listing Service. Ideally, you will want to pick a property that was recently listed, the fewer days on market the better.  If you don’t have a listing that qualifies, no worries, don’t let that sink or slow you. Ask your teammates if you can hold one or more of their listings open.  Most importantly, don’t pick any random property.  Choose strategically.  Umm-hmm.

The How-tos (thirteen of them!):

1.  Promote your open house online  at,,, your blog, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Association, and brokerage websites.

2.  Make seventy-one color open house flyer announcements/invitations.  Don’t spend all day creating a flyer.  Get this chore done fast. The magic is not in what the flyer looks like; the magic is you and what you do with the flyer.

3.  Mail twenty-one of your open house flyers as invitations, to your current nest of buyers prospects/suspects and twenty-three to your most enthusiastic cheerleader friends.

4.  Follow up your mailed invitation flyers with phone calls.  Say “Hello,”ask if they received your flyer, and invite them to share your flyer invitation with anyone they think might be interested.  The main thing is that this action provides you with the opportunity to have On-Purpose and In-Person conversations with people who like, trust, and would happily recommend you.  Having conversations with your cheerleader friends, and current buyer prospects and suspects, unlocks possibilities and opportunities.  Follow up each phone call with a hand-written, short-n-sweet note and drop it in the mail with two of your business cards.

5.  Hand-deliver your open house flyer invitations to twenty-seven neighbors.  Yes.  I do mean personally knock on their door and invite them, ending your conversations with this question:  “When we sell this home, would you like to know how much it SOLD for?”  If they say yes, get their contact information, add them to your database, set up an automated activity notification (like we talked about for your cheerleader friends in Chapter Fourteen). Begin including them in your personal marketing and relationship building campaign, and keep them informed of all new real estate activity in their neighborhood.  Remember to write a short-n-sweet note (nice to meet you and other pleasantries) and drop it in the mail with two of your business cards.

6.  If you are planting an open house sign on the edge of someone’s property, knock on their door, smile, politely ask for permission, and invite them to your open house.  Remember to ask them if they’d like to know what your listing sells for.  If they say “yes,”what should you do next? (Clue: re-read How-to #5.)

7.  Do your homework about the neighborhood. Preview active listings in the neighborhood (in person, not online), research recent sales, and familiarize yourself with the local schools, parks, grocery stores, and local knowledge.

8.  Set the stage – lights, blinds, aroma, and music – no TV watching.  When you’re finished, make sure you put everything back where it belongs. Especially, check that the lights and the heating and cooling are reset to how you found them, and that doors and windows are locked.

9.  During slow traffic periods, use your cell phone to make the touching-base phone calls you know you should be making, but haven’t.  Even if nobody shows up at your open house event, if you spend your time making In-Person and On-Purpose contacts, you’re working hard and making good things happen.  You can’t go from broke to boo-yah without contact and conversations. Call. Contact. Call. Then call and contact some more.

10. At the conclusion of the open house, send thank you cards to everyone who attended.

11. If you held someone else’s house open, report your results to the listing agent so they can report to their seller. This is professional, polite, and appreciated behavior.

12. Follow up, follow up, and follow up some more — with all prospects

13. Hold an open house event at least ten times in the next thirty days.

 Don’t Overcomplicate or Overthink It – Do It

Listen, if like Sally, the end of your career is near if you don’t sell something fast, or you simply you want to create sexy success now, you need to take dramatically bold action and amp everything up.  As if your career depends on it.  Because it does.

The main thing is to get started right now: Make contact with your cheerleader friends, talk to the neighbors, send follow-up notecards, preview new properties, learn new neighborhoods, and meet new people who need help buying or selling. Every day is precious. Now is the time.  Get started right now.  If you do this with passion, positive things WILL happen, and instead of mourning the end of your real estate career, you’ll be celebrating the beginning of your boo-yah renewal, reward, and redemption.

P.S.  Where and when is your next open house event?


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