How not to FLUB UP future referrals

How Not to Flub Future Referrals and Recommendations – Chapter 19 from the book Less Blah Blah More Ah Ha – How social savvy real estate agents become trusted, preferred, referred and rewarded.

“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.”   – M. Kathleen Case

It’s why we do all the bone-crushing, attitude-straining, heartfelt work.  

We work to create and earn confidence and trust.  When we succeed, people we know refer people they know to us.  Sweet success, right?

Sort of.

What I mean is, it’s epic to earn a referral recommendation, but we need to ensure that in our rush to help and deliver, we don’t flub our future by forgetting to show appreciation to the people who refer us. If we handle our referral business smartly, behaving in ways that reinforce the free-flow of future referrals, we can turn a singular golden referral opportunity into a perpetually producing referral gold mine.

In a moment we’re going to check out how to do just that. But first, let’s take a look at how future referrals/recommendations are flubbed:

Riley Foster, a motivated and qualified civilian calls Lois Lane the real estate agent, referred by Robyn, a mutual and trusted friend. “Hi Lois, my name is Riley Foster. We don’t know each other, but our mutual friend Robyn Brand referred me to you.  She said you were a great real estate agent, and I should talk to you about selling my house and buying a new one.”

Lois grips the phone tighter, goes giddy and does a happy dance.  Woo-whoooo, sweet Jiminy Cricket.   Life is grand, Lois takes a lay down listing and is set to sell Riley something new too.  Amen.

Lois goes right to work, hyper-focused on doing a proud job.  In all the excitement, Lois does not immediately call the friend who referred this golden opportunity.   In fact, Lois is so busy, and focused on doing a great job, that she neglects to touch base with her referring friend Robyn—until after the closing.

The scenario I just shared doesn’t sound bad — in fact it sounds normal, and a late thank you is better than no follow-up or thank you at all. But here’s the problem.  During the transaction, Lois doesn’t keep her referring friend informed.  By keeping silent, Lois keeps her deep appreciation and success a secret.  When our cheerleader friends don’t feel appreciated and acknowledged for referring us business, the likelihood of receiving future referrals is diminished.

Thankfully, these flubs can be fixed.  Earning a free-flow of future qualified referrals is fun, free, and easy.  Instead of thanking your referring friends after everything is done, try this.

How Future Referrals/Recommendations Are Reinforced, Rewarded, and Assured

Let’s take a logical look at how we can foster the free flow of future referrals.

We can begin by remembering we’re in the people business, which means we are in the relationship business.  As humans, we deepen our relationships by fulfilling our natural desires for feelings of significance, and a sense of certainty. When we receive the gift of referral, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of gift-giver.

Also, we need to keep in mind that when people make a referral/recommendation, they are putting their reputation and social capital on the line. It’s important to thank them for placing their confidence in us, and assure them we will do a great job and make them look like a hero for recommending us.

To Foster Repeat Referrals, Do These Two Simple Things:

  1. Gush sincere appreciation.  Reinforce their wise decision to refer you by making a promise.  Promise that you will make them look good, smart, and cool for referring and recommending you.  Keep your promise (duh).
  1. Tell them you’ll keep them in the loop, and do it.  Share appropriate progress and successes throughout the transaction (of course, don’t reveal any confidential information or compromise your fiduciary responsibilities).  Doing this will please the referrer, plus, because you are having In-Person, On-Purpose conversations with the very people who are sending you referrals, doing this will also position you to receive additional recommendations.

Showing your appreciation and keeping the friends who refer you business in the know is wise on many levels, don’t you think?  Isn’t this what you’d appreciate?  Amen again.

Digital Referrals, Recommendations, and Endorsements

It’s a new social media era.  Remember, when someone Facebook “likes,” “shares,” or “comments”; re-Tweets, tags, and/or otherwise shares your digital stuff, thank them and when possible, return the favor.

What Next?

From now on, as you receive referrals, show your appreciation, deliver remarkable service, and keep your referring friends informed.  They’ll love you for it, and share more referrals. Right now, if you’re working with clients who were referred to you, and you haven’t showered your referring friend with appreciation, reconnect, and come-correct


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