Homes Sales Report – The Woodlands TX / April/May 2012 / Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors

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It’s a Seller’s Market.  Sales continue to impress with record totals.  Lack of listing inventory is the only problem. Well, lack of salable inventory and low appraisals as result of bidding wars and sale comps from 6 to 2 months old.  Recent closings and the rush of soon to close properties will support higher prices and hopefully the low appraisal challenges will shrink. Plenty of home are selling for cash.

Homes that show well and are priced fairly are selling quickly!  Quickly as in hours or day one.  We anticipate the market to remain heated for the foreseeable future.

Take a look at theses. . .

Homes Sales Month to Month

Impressive eh?

Unsold Listing Inventory

Help! Buyers are begging for new salable inventory.

Shameless Plug – If You’re Thinking Of Selling?

Yes the market is hot.  Maximize your profits.

What’s The Average Sold Price?

Prices have been steady for years.  We anticipate an a steady upward lift.  Not wild and crazy, steady.

How Many Months Supply Of Inventory Is There?

4.2 months!  That’s how long it would take at todays sales pace to sell every home on the market if nothing was new listed.  Did I say, “Help!”.  Qualified buyers need fresh inventory.  Economists say that six months of inventory represents a balanced real estate market.  4.2 months is a very glaring Seller’s Market.  Here’s what the Wall Street Journal thinks.

The Entire Collection Of Home Sales Reports

If you click on the picture below you can view the entire collection of reports.  If you CLICK HERE you can download the collection in .PDF format.

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