Helping Your Past Rental Clients Move From Less To WAY-MORE

Listen, I bet you helped plenty of people find a rental property in 2012. Many of the people you helped were well qualified to buy but didn’t or couldn’t because they were unable to sell their home or properties in other cities and states. Or they rented because they wanted to get the lay of the land.  You’re familiar with that story aren’t you?

Well, great news for everyone. Real Estate Markets across the country are heating up and properties that once languished are selling and closing.

All of this means that your past rental clients may now be in a position to buy and chomping at the bit to do so. They realize what you know, in most of our market areas they can buy what they would like for less than the rent they are paying now.

Here’s what I recommend, get on the phone and call them, see what’s up, find out how you can help them get into the market so they can enjoy the personal and financial benefits of owning instead of enriching their landlord.

Don’t eMail. Don’t mail a letter or a not. Go Pro.  Go In-Person.   In-Person person, by phone. Do it now. Thanks and all the best.

If you don’t see the Youtube video below – CLICK HERE.