Good Monday Morning Reminders for Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Icons | September 3rd, 2012

To land on your feet, not your face, read and heed:-)

August Paperwork Processing – Thanks For Your Support

We’re having another awesome month of sales, listings and closings – woot.  The end of the month paperwork roundup is now officially underway.  If you have a transaction file you could add to our sky stack of success, congratulations and please turn it or upload to BackAgent.  Thanks so much.

How to WIN with Facebook, DropBox and SlideShare – Wednesday, September 5th @ 1:30pm.

We meet at the HAR Portofino Tech Center Office.

We’re going to share ideas, tips and strategies that will help you SAVE TIME, Become Omnipresent, Memorable and Chosen.  We’re going to cover DropBox, SlideShare and Facebook.

Please sign-up, show up and learn how to become more Tech Savvy.


Distinctive Collections Listing Presentation Cover and Dividers

These are in.  If you’ve scheduled a listing appointment on a  Distinctive Collections qualified property (Over $500,000) see Linda or Patsy for your preprinted and completely customizable presentation.

Sign Up for the amazing soon to be released personalized iPhone/Android/iPad real estate search App

This is worth a quick read and a sign up.  CLICK HERE to read about all the details courtesy of InmanNext blog.

Lead Router is cranking out eLeads – Are You In?

How much time do you spend attracting, uncovering and discovering opportunities to share, serve and solve?  Keep doing what you do and while you’re at it let technology work for you too.


Be sure to include yourself in the LeadRouter Opportunity Que.  If you’re not onboard, CLICK HERE to learn how to be included and prosper.

September Real Estate Market Report

Our reports are now available in our shared DropBox folder.  You can Click Here to download the .PDF.  Please share it around the internet, your tribes, networks and niches.

If I can be helpful. . .

I’ll be in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday I’ll be headed to San Antonio to give a Less Blah Blah More Ah Ha presentation at the TAR Convention.  I’ll have all my iGear with me so if I can be helpful let me know.  Thanks.