Good Monday Morning Reminders for Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Icons | September 10th, 2012

Don’t Run Into Walls!  Read This and Roll Roadblock Free 


As you know our company is a perineal TOP 50 Broker out of all Brokers in the country. In two of the last three months your awesomeness, hard work, commitment to your clients and extra effort have resulted in company leading sales success. Congratulations on your impressive success.


Here’s the final look at August for written production. The month ended strong earning the 3rd best August in written production ever. The market seems to be maintaining its velocity.

Congratulations one and all for a very prosperous August.

Written Volume…Top 5 Offices

Woodlands                   $30,654,635

Fort Bend                     $25,122,842

Champions                   $24,603,517

Bay Area                       $21,457,798

Memorial                       $17,813,466

Company Actual            $192,724,488


Training & Eduction

This morning at 10am.

Wednesday 1:30pm.  Lean how to use your iPad and Smart Phone as a Success Tool instead of a Toy.  MCE included.

Newly Designed Technicolor Monthly Market Report Post Cards

Our new design and delivery system will make sending your monthly Top Of Mind Awareness post cards High Impact, Technicolor, Fast and Simple.  CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS.  

Thanks for all you do.  I’ll be in the office all week, let me know if I can be helpful.  Cheers.

Ken B.