Good Monday Morning Reminders – Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Icons | The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers | Monday 21st, 2013

 It’s a listing Triathlon. Let dive IN!

Let's jump into the Listing Pool.The only thing that can blunt our business success this year is lazy or lack of listing inventory.  To succeed we will have to take daily action and make our own market. We might as well have fun and prizes while we do it so here’s the down-low on our List-ToLast Make-Our-Own Market Listing Campaign.


List-To-Last Make-Our-Own-Market Listing Campaign

Monthly Real Estate Market REports – Please Send Now.

Our maketing department has uploaded your Monthly Real Estate Market Report for The Woodlands into your MyBHGGreeneHouse account.  If you’d like some hands-on help uploading your contacts, friends, past clients and neighbors, we’ve hired Mike Tabbert to walk you thorough the process.  Please contact hime ASAP to get started.. Click HERE for details.

Work Smart – Take Action with this Monday Workshop – Seeds Of Success | Session One!  1pm @ our Magnolia Marketing Center.

Seeds of Success Action Plan


Magnolia Marketing Center @ 1:15pm – Join us and be included in our Magnolia Chamber of Commerces Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, picture taking and publicity.  Just show up and smile.

Magnolia Marketing Center @ 2:pm – Join us to learn more about attractively respond to tricky client questions, concerns, objections, stalls and indecision.

How to attractively answer tricky client questions, concerns, stalls and indecision.


Rico’s Cochran’s Crossing Center Happy Hour @ 4:30pm with Jackie Henager|First American Home Warranty.

Happy Hour with Jackie

Work Smart – Take Action with this Thursday Workshop – Seeds Of Success | Session Two!  1pm @ our Magnolia Marketing Center.

Seeds of Success Session Two

Thanks for all you do.  Cheers.  If I can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.