Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – March 16th, 2015 | Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers

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If your not taking twice as many listings as last year your income may fall 40% this year.

it’s simple math.  Listings inventory is UP 91% and sales will swoon 20%.  If our listing production does not keep pace with the market we will earn less.  Way less – GAH!   It’s simple math.

Join us Tuesday (see below for workshop details)

We’ll cover talking points and action steps to insure you win while others whine and wallow.

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March 2015 Months Supply Of Inventory By Price Range - Real Estate Market Report 2014

How To Thrive In THIS Challenging Market

Tuesday @ The Magnolia Marketing Center.  Click HERE to register.

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Thanks for all you do.  I’ll be in the office all week.  If I can be helpful – 832-797-1779.