Golden Prizes. The Real Estate Business. FM 1488, South Montgomery County and The Woodlands. Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Opens A New Office.

Avoiding future flop. . .

The Olympics have been awesome, have you watched?  Olympians train a lifetime for their one shot to show the world and themselves what is possible.  Participating in the Olympic games is a stellar achievement.  But as all Olympians share in their post event interviews, while its an awesome honor to represent your country and  compete with the best in the world, it’s heart breaking when the golden prize slips through your fingers.

Don’t let golden prizes slip though your fingers.

Our real estate market is like the Olympic Games.

We all know what’s happening!  Opportunities for serious real estate agents will be insanely great for the next four years.  At least.  Maybe ten.

This is our Olympic like time.  Relocation, construction, retail and employment are all bubbling to a boil.  Competition is as fierce as the opportunities are rich. Like the Olympic Games, some real estate agents will flop and fizzle while watching others soar, shine and succeed.

How will you win your gold medals?

How will you gather in your fair share of success and seize what you deserve?

What will you do differently to differentiate, shine out and succeed more?

Who will you choose to support, inspire, empower, educate and launch you into the future you dream about?

Are you willing to shed the status quo and stretch towards richer success?

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll alway get what we’ve alway gotten.

We’re going for GOLD.  We’re pressing forward.  Blazing new ground.  Spreading the word.  Sharing, serving and solving with smarter tools and simpler systems.  We’re extending our real estate universe into South Montgomery County by opening a new office at the dynamic crossroads of FM 2978 and FM 1488, nestled in the Woodforest Plaza Center.

The lease is signed, the space is planned and a crash of construction guys are about to bust loose.  We’re expecting a late September grand opening.

You can CLICK HERE to download or view a larger version.

We’re looking to add additional teammates eager to work hard to win GOLD.

Our agents and our clients are thrilled (and you will be too) with our new Better Homes And Gardens partnership!  We have cool, advanced and simple to use web tools with online, hands-on and in-person training and wow-strategies.  Way monster-more corporate relocation opportunities.  Modern (relevant) Transmedia marketing.  The experience, commitment, resources and resolve to make smart moves to best position our hard working team members (and you?) for Gold Medal success.  Gold Medal success is having clients who believe they received Gold Medal value for us.

We’re in search of aspiring, hard working, service oriented, fun loving, friendly, energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic, career minded team members who want to Go For Gold Medals in the South Montgomery County and The Woodlands real estate markets.  We’re not interested in lazy loafers, dabblers, pretenders, BSers, prima donnas, posers, whiners, blamers, loose cannons or apathetic opportunists.

What are you in search of?  Could you use more?

Think about what’s missing from your strategy.  Is it a shortage of modern tools and technology?  Is it losing out because of blind-leading-the-blind social media and cyber space education?  Is it blah recognition and weak Top Of Mind Awareness?  Pip squeak market share and corporate relocation opportunities?  Is the vibe vibeless, boring and uninspiring?  What about a absence of  relevant strategy, strength and support?

If you’re interested in more.  More for your career and more for your clients.  And more for you and the important people in your life, I’d like to meet-up or chat about it on the phone.  We’re doing some attractive, modern and interesting things that might intrigue, inspire and empower your success to new levels.  (My cell: 832-797-1779 | Ken Brand.)

Check out the SlideShare below.  If any of it looks intriguing and you’d like to meet-up to ask questions, learn more about us and what we’re up to, give me  call > Ken Brand 832-797-1779.  Or shoot me an Email.

I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

Thanks for reading – cheers.