The Woodlands Home Sales and Inventory Report – April 2015

Sales UP.  Selection UP.  Opportunities UP.

Rise Up

 Listing Inventory – Favorable for buyers shopping above $600,000.  Favorable for sellers listed below $600,000.

  • Listing Inventory is UP 64% and holding steady between 700 and 740 active listings.  Today there are 731 active For Sale Listings in The Woodlands.  Last year at this time there were 445.  Good news for home shoppers, there’s 64% more to choose from. Selection is way UP.  More selection for buyers  means more competition between sellers.
  • Above $600,000, sellers and their agents now compete in a buyer’s market.
  • Below $600,000 remains a seller’s market and keen competition between buyers.
  • Least expensive property in The Woodlands?  A 1,152 sq. ft. property on Blue Fox, listed for $154,900.  The most?  A 30,717 sq. ft estate property in the gated community of Carlton Woods.  $16,000,000.

Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands

April 2015 Months Supply Of Inventory By Price Range - Real Estate Market Report 2014

 Sales Activity – Steady and Strong.

  1. April sales totaled the second highest number in the history of The Woodlands (see picture below). Last April the price for one barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil stood at some 102.07 U.S. dollars.  Apparently the media doom, gloom and the-real-estate-market sky-may-fall due to lower oil prices does not apply to The Woodlands.  Thankfully.
  2. While sales activity is steady and strong in general, the numbers of sales relative to this years inventory has shifted sellers in price ranges above $600,000 into a more competitive for sellers, buyer’s-market.  (See the Months Supply Of Inventory picture above.)
  3. Looking forward, sales in the coming months should remain strong and steady, equalling or possibly exceeding last years totals. If stability in the oil market returns, a surge in sales is sure to follow.

Contract Month to Month The Woodlands

Buyer Challenges when shopping below $600,000:

  • Competition for prime properties below $600,000 is keen. It’s a seller’s market below $600,000.
  • Quick decision making is required, prime properties sell fast.
  • Less negotiation power for price and terms.
  • Lost opportunities due to an unrealistic I-want-a-steal mentality.

Buyer Opportunities in all price ranges:

  • The selection of homes is the best it’s been in years.
  • For the I-have-to-sell-before-I-buy-but-I’ve-been-putting-it-off-because-I-was-afraid-I-couldn’t-find-anything-to-buy buyer, we have great news!  Selection is up, up up.
  • Buyer’s shopping in the over $600,000 price range enjoy a buyer’s market; better selection, less buyer competition and favorable negotiating strength.

Seller Challenges:

  • While still a seller’s market below $600,000, competition with other motivated sellers and builders to attract a qualified buyer is growing.
  • For sellers priced above $600,000 it’s a buyer’s market.  A buyer’s market means less seller negotiating leverage for price and terms.
  • Seller’s may have to respond quickly and aggressively to price reductions from their competition.
  • Competitive pricing, thoughtful merchandising, muscular marketing and keen negotiating skills are key factors in a successful sale.
  • Choosing a weak broker or agent can lead to lost sales opportunities, a lower sold price, inconvenience and extended days, weeks or months on the market.

Seller Opportunities:

In price ranges below $600,000, aggressively marketed, well located and competitively priced properties enjoy a seller’s market. In a seller’s the seller enjoys more negotiating and pricing power.

For sellers in all price ranges, hundreds and hundreds of inbound corporate transferee buyers will be moving to the area through the third quarter. Strong and steady buyer activity is expected throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the real estate market or I can be helpful, let me know.  Thanks – Ken Brand 832-797-1779

Here’s the full set of market data for The Woodlands TX

If you have any questions about the real estate market or I can be helpful, let me know.  Thanks – Ken Brand 832-797-1779

Good News for The Woodlands Real Estate Market. Selection is awesome and sales are strong!


Hard work will be rewarded.  Yea for US.

making money is art

I’ll have all the market reports completed this weekend.  Meanwhile, here’s the April’s real estate sales and listing info for March sales and listing inventory in ‪#‎TheWoodlands‬.  Please feel free to share these pictures. Click this link to see all the reports. I’ll add more over the next couple of days.

Last year at this time a barrel of oil sold for over $110 per barrel. Even with all of today’s media doom, gloom,disaster commentary and dire predictions, our local RE market is powerful and surges forward.

Good News #1 = Written sales (all brokers combined) totaled one more sale that last year at this time (when oil was over $100 a barrel).

Sales are strong!  The next 90 to 120 will be fizzy and busy. Selling or buying now is a safe idea. Take all the listings you can.

Good News #2: The selection of homes to choose from is almost double that of last year. Mortgage rates remain low-low-low. Buying now is safe and smart.

Good News #3:  You excellence and expertise is creating the best possible outcome for our sellers.  You selling your listings for more money and better terms.  Yea and congratulations.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.48.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.44.18 PM

Sold Price To List Price Percentage  The Woodlnands March 2015


As we can see from these pictures, listing and selling opportunities will be rich for the next 120 days or so.  One way to meet new buyers and sellers is participate in our City Wide Open House Success Event.  Do it!  Click HERE for details on how to participate and fast-forward your success.

Thanks for all you do:-) kb

2014 Year End Houston MLS Area Ranking Report by Company

January 9, 2015

Congratulations Icons.

For a print version of this graph, Click here.


For a print version of this graph, Click here.

Houston Home Sales 2014 Recap – Best Year Ever in Residential Real Estate History!

2014 Houston Home Sales – Best Year Ever in Residential Real Estate History!

It was quite a horse race to the finish – neck and neck with 2013 statistics all the way to New Years’ Eve but in the end, 2014 won the title as the best residential real estate year in Houston history.  In terms of number of sales closed, 2014 saw a 3% increase and every other 2014 metric proved too much for 2013 to overcome.

Here’s a glance at the trends for the month and year:


Houston Home Sales by Price Range for 2014

The following price classes experienced the largest increase in sales over last year:

1. $500,000 – $599,999 – up 31%

2. $300,000 – $399,999 – up 21%

3. $400,000 – $499,999 – up 20%

4. $800,000 – $899,999 – up 20%

5. $600,000 – $699,999 – up 16%


Note that the top ten selling price classes in Houston listed above have a very low “months’ of inventory” and are indicative of a distinct sellers’ market in every price class.  Months of Inventory is a metric that determines the current rate of sales.  In the first top selling price class of [$200,000-$249,999], for instance, at the current rate of sales, assuming no new inventory comes on the market, the price class will be out of inventory in 2 months.

Of course, as 2015 begins – more inventory will come on the market and time will tell if we maintain the current rate of sale.  Real estate is always changing and always interesting.  Stay tuned!

Houston Real Estate Market by Area

The Houston overall market is so large; it rarely reflects the same trends as a submarket area located within its boundaries.  Some areas are exceeding Houston’s overall growth in sales while others are lagging behind.  For a breakdown of activity by area with a map, CLICK HERE.

Houston Hotness Index by Area

To see the hottest selling geographical areas for the month in Houston, CLICK HERE

To search for homes by price range and map, CLICK HERE.

It was a record breaking historical year in real estate for Houston!  Now on to 2015!

Data provided by the Houston Association of Realtors® Real Estate Information Services™, and The Real Estate Center for Texas A&M and written by Toni Nelson, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene

The Woodlands 2014 Homes Sales Report – BHGRE Gary Greene | November 2014

The Situation.

As our Houston economy bulls forward, construction cranes come down and thousands of new neighbors, family and friends in-tow, begin to pour to work, live and play in shiny new office buildings, hip restaurants and retail centers, we expect demand for housing to surge forward, pushing 2015 prices and opportunity upward.  There will be winners and losers.

Homes For Sale Listing Inventory = Supply 

Listing Inventory The Woodlands

As you can see from the MLS data above, inventory and selection for buyers began to improve in April. In addition to improved selection in the resale market, new home builders are opening neighborhoods and adding inventory/selection for buyers and competitive pressure for resale sellers.  2015 demand will out pace supply and  prices for both will continue to rise.

Sales Written = Demand

contracts written the woodlands 13 vs 14

Year-to-date sales trail last years ever so slightly, supply and demand factors continue to press home prices higher and keep The Woodlands real estate market padlocked in a strong seller’s-market mode.

Supply and Demand = Higher Home Prices

According to real estate economists a six-month supply of For Sale inventory represents a balanced market between sellers and buyers.   Over six months of inventory indicates a buyer’s market, below six months indicates a sellers market.  Look at what’s happening in The Woodlands by price range

Croped MSI

In-The-Know Sold Price Info For 2014 

Average Days On Market (DOM) for sold listings remains swift for well merchandised and professionally marketed properties.

 35 DOM in 2013

34 DOM in 2014

  Average Sold Price To List Price Percentage will remain high.

98% in 2013

98% to 2014  

Average Median and Sold Prices Continue To Vine Upward.  

Median and Avg Sold Price 2014

For Sellers.

Q.  When’s the best time to sell?

A. Choosing the best time to sell depends on factors unique to you.

If you’re selling to move-up to something more expensive, rising prices will lift the price of the home you want to buy higher than the home you’re currently living in.  If you’re moving up, waiting will cost you more.

The sooner you sell your less expensive property and buy the more expensive property the more you save on the home you’re buying and profit from rising prices.  To leverage this seller’s-market contact your trusted Gary Greene real estate Pro. You can count on us.

If you’re selling a more expensive property to move into something less expensive you have the luxury of time. Rising prices will push the price of your more expensive property higher than the less expensive property you will be buying. Rising home prices and time to find the perfect next home is your friend.

To discuss current market conditions in your specific neighborhood and to begin your search for the perfect next home, contact your Gary Greene Real Estate Pro. We put the know in knowledge.

Q. If I sell my home will I be able to find another?

A. There are multiple strategies that can make your move less stressful and more successful.  To discuss timing and get candid answers to all your questions contact your trusted Gary Greene Pro. We’ll take good care of you.

For Buyers.

Q.  Will prices continue to rise.

A.  Positive economic forces and supply and demand factors will continue to press home prices higher. The sooner you act the sooner you’ll save money and begin enjoying the benefits of appreciation.

 When selection is thin and other buyers are looking for what you’re looking for, you’ll want to know about fresh inventory first.  To keep from losing out and learn about new listings before the uninformed and slow-moving masses have your favorite Gary Greene Pro set you up with First-To-Know Instant Alerts.  We put the know in knowledge.  Really. 

Q.  What about Pocket Listings and Private Sales?

When inventory is drum-tight a surprising number of off-the-MLS-radar properties are  sold via jungle drums, whisper campaigns and agent grape vines.  Savvy listing agents prepping a new listing for market and always-on selling-agents are exchanging phone calls, texts and eMails , sharing details about upcoming, but-not-on-MLS-yet listing inventory.  As a result, prime properties sell privately. If you’d like to know about  prime off-the-MLS properties For Sale before the mass market ask your in-the-know Gary Greene Pro to plug you into the Pocket Listing and Private Sale insider network.    

Q.  When I find my dream home how do I write a winning offer.

A.  Shine in the eyes of the seller by strengthening your offer with favorable terms such as:

  • Larger down-payment.
  • Bigger earnest money deposit.
  • More Option Money.
  • Short deadline trigger times and exit clauses for things like the Option Period and days for Third Party Financing approval.
  • Provide the seller with written mortgage pre-approval.
  • If you’re financing is certain, eliminate financing contingencies.
  • A Flexible closing date.
  • A seller lease back.
  • A personal letter to the seller sharing a little bit about yourself and your situation sometimes helps the seller choose one bidding buyer’s offer over the other.

To successfully navigate today’s turbulent seller’s-market realities with a smile and success contact your trusted Gary Greene Pro today.  Thank you.