Talking-Points for The Woodlands Real Estate Market – November 1st, 2015

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October Sales Slip 12%.  Sales Year-To-Date Total 2,243, a slight 6.1% Less Than the 2014 Year-To-Date Total of 2,389.

Under Contract Month By Month - The Woodldands 2015Everyday, from now till the end of the year there will be listings that go under contract and new listing added to the market.  Due to historical seasonality trends, we anticipate that the total numbers for each will be smaller in November and December.

The picture below shows Listing Inventory and Listings Placed Under Contract, by price range and month.

Kens Woodlands Grid 2015 Market Reports

Selection Is Fabulous For Buyers. Competition Is Fierce For Sellers.

Listing Inventory Month By Month - The Woodlands 2015

As we roll into fall and winter we can expect listing inventory inventory to remain high and buyer activity to ebb November,December and January.

For Buyers: Selection is the best it’s been in several years.

For Sellers: If ever there was time to adjust your competitive position in the market place, now is the time.  Right now.  November, December and January generally total the fewest number of sales of the year.

Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market?

November 2015 Months Supply Of Inventory By Price Range - Real Estate Market Report

 Year Over Year Comparisons.

TheWoodlandsHomeSaleSnapShotNovember 2015

Home prices and appreciation hold steady.

Selection for buyers =  locked into Fabulous-Mode.

Competition for sellers remains fierce.  Expect longer Days On Market and tough negotiations. Merchandising, presentation and Transmedia marketing are a must.  Follow through and follow-up will be critical in moving from showing, to contract, to closing.

The Whole Burrito.

Click HERE to download the full Home Sales Report for The Woodlands.

Click the picture below to view the report.

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The Woodlands Real Estate Market Snap Shot – October 27th, 2015

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Here’s What’s Going On In The Woodlands Real Estate Market.

The Average List Price in The Woodlands = $796,139
The Average Under Contract Price this month = $453,022
The Median List Price in The Woodlands = $499,900
The Median Under Contract Price this month = $325,000

The reason for the big difference between the Average and Median Listing Prices and Under Contract Prices is that 168 of the 955 homes for sale are priced over $1,000,000. The highest priced home in The Woodlands is listed for $15,000,000 in Carlton Woods. A high number of high price homes skews the Average List Price numbers upward..

With 922 homes on the market, buyers are enjoying the best selection in years. Last year at this time there were 680 homes to choose from. While more selection is great for buyers, sellers face a more competitive market place.

155 listings have gone Under Contract this month. At this current velocity, October sales should top out at 184. Last October there were 197 sales. Sales will trail last Octobers slightly higher total by about 6.5%.

Overall it’s a positive market and will most likely close out as the third best year in the history of The Woodlands.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 16.31.58

Screenshot 2015-10-27 16.36.40 Screenshot 2015-10-27 16.17.15

That’s the story friends – cheers:-)

Congratulations September Top Performers – BHGRE Gary Greene, The Woodlands and Magnolia

Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on your world class pro success.

Click HERE to download the full report:-)

Screenshot 2015-10-09 11.16.17

Screenshot 2015-10-09 11.16.57

Burning Man 2015


bm2015 lauren Kamile and me lauren bm 2015 The camp crew BM 2015 2C043DAB00000578-0-image-a-4_1441551424267 11237222_10156552131475355_3726518690308752401_o burning man burn dream bm Temple

2015-09-30 21.27.25 2015-09-30 21.27.50 2015-09-30 21.32.52 2015-09-11 17.17.14 2015-09-13 12.19.56 2015-09-13 12.20.17 2015-09-19 04.53.14 2015-09-19 04.53.36 2015-09-19 04.53.58

I spent yesterday, and now, as I write this weak description of the indescribable, processing my BurningMan experience.

Weeks leading up to ‪#‎BurningMan2015‬ I spent plenty of time researching the web, reading forums, looking at pictures, visiting the official BurningMan site and so on and on.

It turns out that nothing you hear, read or see will prepare you for the actual experience. It’s more spectacular on every level than I could imagine.

A sea of eye popping visuals, art, extremely-expressive-beautiful-humans, wildly decorated bikes, swirling white dust, expressive art-art, massively impressive, big as buses art-cars trimmed in brilliant bright neon lights, blaring non-stop-music and throwing flames, heat, dust, fatigue, streaming surprises and unexpected more.

Sonically it’s a relentless sound bath, every second of every hours, 24 hours a day, seven days straight. Sleep was elusive. I found it almost impossible to sleep, In be my toes tapped unaided and base beats bounced around like super-balls in my head.

Radical free-expression is the rule and truth. It’s the soul of everything, how people dress, or not, what they ride, the camps they live in, what’s gifted, received, shared and talked about.

I didn’t pick up my phone for four days. No texts, no calls, no email, no Facebook, zero cyber connection, just real world immersion. Well, I don’t know if you can call BurningMan real world, but it was my real world for a few days. I didn’t the miss the cyber connection at all. It also means that I didn’t carry my phone anywhere, which means I didn’t snap a single picture. I’m including a couple of links below to pictures that others took. While looking at pictures before I went I thought, “These pictures must be the highlights?”. Nope, in reality the pictures you’ll see are “reality”, not highlights. A chaos of color and oh-wow was happening everywhere, all the time. Every second was a highlight.

One of the many remarkable things I observed and experienced is the sincere friendliness and complete lack of competition, aggression or judging. No handshakes or hesitation, big sincere hugs, bigger smiles and conversation about the Burn. “Is this your first?” How is your Burn going?” What have you seen that’s blown your mind?, Is it like you thought? How would you describe it? What Art should I go see? How would you describe Burning Man to your friends at home?” These are were the common conversations, not “What business are you in? What do you do for a living?” and the usual at home conversation. Beautiful.

Overall the experience was complex and dense on multiple levels; visually, sonically, environmentally (hot, white out dust storms, serene sunrises, crystal clear nights with temps dropping into the 30’s), emotionally and socially. Supremely impactful.

For me, sleep was hard to come by. One night we were out on the Playa till 4 in the morning dancing, swaying and bouncing like fools with hundreds of others (old, young and in between alike) at the Mayan Warrior Art Car. Later, shuffling our feet in dusty heat at Camp White Ocean and Disco Nights and electric biking-whizzing our way across the mile+ wide Playa wide eyed gawking at the Art and people.

The levels of dedication, commitment and passion required for 70,000 people to prepare, trek to, set up, participate, share, create, experience, tear down and leave without a trace is powerfully inspiring. You really have to see it to believe it and understand it. Even having lived it, I’n not sure I completely understand it. I’ll have to go back.

My daughter Lauren, was a powerful positive force in creating the Cirque Gigante camp in which I stayed as a guest. Spending time with her, having her guide, introduce, educate and squire me through the experience brings tears to my eyes and a wrap around smile to my face. Lauren is a beautiful force of nature and a blessing to so many.

I met amazing people, saw unimaginable things and experienced an indescribable four days. Nothing can prepare you for your first BurningMan and afterward it’s impossible to describe the impact it will have on your physical, social, mental and emotional self. In my 58 years I’ve had the great good fortunate to experience some amazing adventures. I put my dive into BurningMan in the profound on many levels category. It’s impact will alter my life.

Thank you Lauren Brand. I love you.

Here’s a few links to some pictures of the celebration:

This is the ‪#‎CirqueGitane‬ Camp I lived in (Thank you to everyone involved in supporting and creating our home away from home.):

More photos:…/photos-from-burning-m…/404095/…

Yes it’s true! These aren’t highlights, this is everyday living at ‪#‎BurningMan‬

Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – March 30th | BHGRE Gary Greene – The Woodlands and Magnolia

2015-03-22 07.00.48

Join Us Wednesday Morning – The Woodlands UPDATE!  

By Tim Welbes, Co-President The Woodlands Development Co.

Click Here to RSVP now.

We will need 5 volunteers please.  2 greeters and 3 to help sign in.  We will need to arrive by 8:45.

If you would like to volunteer, please CLICK HERE to send me an eMail.  Thanks for all you do.

Click HERE for a Google Map to River Plantation Country Club

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.37.17 AM

Become The Local In-The-Know-Pro Expert – Wednesday 10:30 Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.58.34 AM

Fusion 2015 – The Aria, Las Vegas 

We had some big fun.  Here’s what we’ve been authorized to share. If you missed it this year, hopefully you can join us for Fusion 2017.

My Notes from Fusion:

1. What do people say about YOU?

2.  What do you want people to say about YOU?

3.  What are you YOU willing to do to make it so?

You #1 Goal = Get People To Like and Trust YOU!

Congratulations and Thank You to all our team members who make us all look good!

If you have a review of any kind that you’d like to add to our Album Of Icon Top Performers, please eMail it to me and I’ll add it pronto.

Thanks for all you do.  kb