Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – Feb. 23rd, 2015 | BHGRE Gary Greene – The Woodlands and Magnolia

Sales Jump!  Are You Jumping Too? Let’s Jump!

Sales activity has jumped into high gear.

Ignore negative press and negative people. Be a Pro.  Focus on the positive

 Focus on what you can control. Your attitude and activity.  Your smile.  Salable Listing Inventory.

Sales velocity is accelerating. Based on the 169 written sales month-to-date we project there will be 225 written sales in February – UP 10%   from February 2014 when oil was over $100 a barrel!

However, digging deeper into the numbers reveals that the real action is the $700,000 and below price range.  Of the 169 written sales month-to-date 151 were listed below $700,00

This is great news!  Let’s go get listings.

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Let’s Go Get Listings – Workshop Wednesday @ 9:45AM

You want more listings don’t ya? We can help:-)   Click HERE to register on BackAgent.

Many of you have been asking if we would be repeating the workshop for the new listing presentation.  Well, good news!  Next Wednesday, on March 4th, Ken and I will be go over listing appointment preparation, all new presentation materials and live role play the new presentation.

If you missed the first time we shared this, or you just would like to increase your confidence by hearing it again, you can register on BackAgent to attend either one, or both of these workshops.

Feedback around this new presentation has been phenomenal!  If you are ready to brush up on those listing skills, make sure you register.

Click this link to register:  Listing Appointment Preso and CMA Preparation

As always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions!  To your success!

Thanks and see you here – Linsey Ehle

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Which Listings Are Selling?

It natural for a seller to what to choose an aggressive listing price.  Nobody want’s to leave any money on the table.  The market has been HOT these past two years and hope springs eternal.

Today’s market is not last year’s market where qualified buyers fought over properties with multiple bids and over listings price offers.

Based on buyer sentiment, negative news, cautious outlooks, uncertainty about when oil prices will stabilize, slower sales  have been predicted and expected.  However (see sales chart above), it appears from month-to-date sales activity that while sales in general may remain steady, what’s selling is specific.  Attractively priced properties are selling.  Over priced listings sit sad and unsold. (see below).

As I write this, Sunday @ 6:17pm, there are 659 active For Sale listings in The Woodlands TX.  Of the 659 active For Sale listings, 223 have had a price reduction.  This means 1 out of 3 homes For Sale have had at least one price reduction and are remain unsold.

From January 21st to February 21st, 253 listings have gone Under Contract. 69 of the 253 had a price reduction before
going under contract. This means 7 our of 10 were priced properly when listed and 69 sellers had to reduce their price to attract a buyer.  Don’t burn Days On Market and miss out on qualified buyers by testing the market with an over aggressive price, only to reduce when buyers and their agents balk and walk into the waiting arms of the properly priced competition.

Here’s a printout of all the listings currently for sale in The Woodlands that have had Price Reductions.  When you talk to you sellers about pricing this printout will come in handy.

Where’s Ken?

I’ll be in the office most of the week and out of the office Thursday to teach Fast Start.  Robyn and I are heading out of town for the weekend where I’ll be available by iPhone if I can be helpful.  Thanks for all you do.  Let’s Go, Go, Go:-)


Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – February 16th, 2015

join_a_movement (1)


If You Didn’t Have Time to sign UP – No Worries, I saved you a seat:-)

If Did Have Time Time to sign UP – Yea, we’ll see you there:-)

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Market Update – The Prosperity Pie Is Smaller

Like a little brother, sales are trending just behind last years number.

What this means to you and me and our near future, the prosperity pie is sure to be smaller.  The number of agents who want a piece of the prosperity pie continues to grow larger.

More competition and less opportunity means that we have stay closer to the people in our personal sphere than ever before.

Monthly eMail and direct mail.  Be proactive.  Facebook seventeen minutes a day, click the LIKE button like a maniac, comment.  Meet tomorrow’s buyers at your next Open House.  Sent 4 or 5  randomText Messages a day to people in your sphere – say hello.  Wear your name badge.  Get out and about, rub shoulders, shake hands, give hugs and smile.

Projected 195

Distinctive Collection

We are excited to announce the publication date of our Distinctive Collection Magazine which will appear in offices circa April 2.

For those of you that are new to BHGRE Gary Greene, Distinctive Collection is our luxury marketing category for homes.

Our Distinctive Collection Magazine showcases our high-end homes and promotes their uniqueness, exceptional style and quality.

As a service to our agents, the marketing department will select all of our CURRENT Distinctive Collection properties and notify the listing agent if we need higher resolution photos.  If you have a listing that matches the above criteria, it will be showcased.  We will also notify you that your home will appear in the magazine and verify that your listing agreement extends beyond publication date of April.  We will send you a proof to review before publication.  If you prefer a different description other than what is in public remarks in MLS, please submit to Dionne at

If you list a NEW Distinctive Collection home:

In the event you list a NEW Distinctive Collection home between now and March 13 [submission deadline] – please send all high res photos to and submit your description via

Please submit all current and future Distinctive Collection homes in! Not only does it give your sellers more exposure, it also opens up opportunities for marketing your property FREE in social media and online publications like through BHGRE.

Here are instructions to add your listing – if you need to get your Distinctive Collection home on the web site:

Thanks and Happy Listing!

Toni Nelson, Director, Strategic Initiatives

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Green, 10575 Katy Frwy., Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77024

Ken’s In

I’ll be in the office all week.  If I can be helpful don’t hesitate to call, text or eMail me.  Or pop into the office:-)  Thanks for all you do.


Good Monday Morning Icon Updates for the week of February 7th, 2015

happiness hugh


I’m not sure what this means.  I think it means that it’s up to us to choose to be or not to be.  What do you think?

Congratulations On Leading The Company In Sales Success.

Buyers are here and coming.

Stay connected.  Stay in touch.

Share, serve, solve and simplify.

Get listings. Get as many as you can.

This market will reward action and leave lazy left out.

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Gmail Mastery – The Heart Beat Of Your Business

Contacts, Calendar, eMail Mastery

Click HERE to register on BackAgent.  Magnolia Marketing Center, Wednesday @ 10:30am.

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Join Us In Celebrating Your Success As The 2014 Top Sales Office

Wednesday, February 18th, 8:30am

Click HERE to register on BackAgent.  Thanks.

Click HERE for Google Map Directions to the Westin.

Awards Breakfast 2015

Option To Purchase Boundary Coverage

When clients ask for an explanation about the Option To Purchase Boundary Coverage, this is a helpful written explanation.

Click HERE to download the Option To Purchase Boundary Coverage In The Owner Title Policy .PDF

Option To Purchase Boundary Coverage In The Owner Title Policy

Directory Of Services and Phone Numbers – The Woodlands TX, January 2015

This makes a great share for all your friends, neighbors, relatives and past, present and future clients.

Click HERE to download the .PDF.

Thanks for all you do.  If I can be helpful, please call, text or eMail me – 832-797-1779

Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – February 2nd, 2015


Getting Smarter – I’ll Share My Notes:-)

I’ll be attending Xplode most of the day.  If you I can be helpful, call, text or eMail and I’ll get back to you pronto.  I’ll be in the office Tuesday morning and through the week.

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Paperwork Roundup – Thanks

Please upload your sales and listings into BackAgent so we can add your contribution to the team total.  Thanks.

Wednesday Workshop – 10:30am

Click HERE to register on BackAgent.

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Sign Up For Our Annual Awards Breakfast

Click HERE to register.

Awards Breakfast 2015

One-On-One 2015 Action Plan and How Can We Help You Have Your Best Year Ever!

While our future is bright and there are thousands of must-move buyers headed our way, oil prices are causing headwinds.  Let’s plan for continued success in today’s market.

Between Tuesday and the end of February I look forward to meeting with you one-on-one to pow-wow about what we can do to help you have your best year ever.  Grab me to set a time if you’d like, or I’ll be reaching out in no particular order to set a convenient meeting time.  Thanks.

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Updated ICA

There are NO negative changes, take aways or move backs from your current agreement.  

Our updated Independent Contractor’s Agreement includes an updated single page (instead of two separate pages) Commission Schedule reflecting enhanced commission split levels up to 85% and monthly marketing support up $4,000 per month.  Levels that were previously defined in “Agent Earnings” have been updated to reflect equal levels based on Gross Commission Income (GCI).   It’s also been update to eliminate the lower splits on sales side closings and  the 50/50 splits on leases (lease splits have been elevated to your split level.)   I’ve included a picture below with notes to show what dollar volume levels are equivalent to GCI levels.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’ll be sending out the new ICA and collecting them up throughout the month.

Home Sales Market Reports Are Ready For Sharing.

Click HERE to download all the Reports – The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia and 77389

2015 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands 2015 Under Contract Month to Month The Woodlands

Thanks for all you do.  If I can be helpful, let me know.  Ken Brand 832-797-1779

Good Monday Morning Icon Updates – January 26th, 2015


Join Us – Tuesday Team Meeting – 9:30am

We’ll meet at The Woodlands Country Club.  No worries, we have few extra seats and one for you if you missed signing up on BackAgent.

Woodlands Country Club: Palmer Course, 100 Grand Fairway, The Woodlands, TX 77381

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Know Your Numbers – Be An In The Know Pro.

Click Here to register on BackAgent.

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Xplode YOUR Business Day – Right Here In Our Back Yard

Click Here for info on this day saturated in bright ideas, keen insight and worth-your-attention take aways.  Linsey is one of the premier presenters.  This takes place at The Woodlands Conference Center.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.17.34 PM

Thanks for all you do.  I’ll be in the office all week, if I can be helpful let me know.  Ken Brand 832-797-1779.