Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders | April 22nd, 2014 | BHGRE Gary Greene

Well-behaved women rarely make history.” – Anita BorgWant to change the world? he helpful. @rackspace


2014 List-To-Live Listing Campaign

Ten More Days To Add Lives – Good Luck

Congratulations to our qualifiers

Listing Contest


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On Purpose Conversations Creates Top Of Mind Awareness.

Join us and learn how to share, serve, solve, connect and become memorable, chosen and referred.  Join us CLICK HERE to register on BackAgent.


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Have some lunch and learn how Norman can help you accelerate your success and make you look like a super hero.  We’d like to get a head count for lunch, please Click HERE to register on BackAgent.  Thanks.


I’ll be in the office all week, let me know if I can be helpful.  Thanks – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.


Icon Monday Morning Reminders – April 14th, 2014 | BHGRE Gary Greene – The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers

Change Your Game

“Anybody running beats anybody walking, anybody walking beats anybody sitting.””-Tom Bunk


Trulia Tips


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2014 List-To-Live Listing Campaign


Fifteen more days to add List-For-Your-Lives to increase your odds in our Rock-Paper-Scissors Listing Campaign Tournament.


CMA Workshop


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The Selection of homes for sale in The Woodlands is the best it's been in sixteen months.

This is worth sharing far and wide.  Now is the time for locals to make their move.  CLICK HERE to download and share the picture.

Here’s how I share it.

Inventory in The Woodlands at a 16 month high.


Thanks for all you do.  If I can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.

Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – April 7th, 2014 | BHGRE Gary Greene, The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers

Wanna change this for the better?  Use this.Congratulations on your World Class performance in April.  As you can see below, your success leads the company.

While collective March sales in the MLS were actually down about 2% compared to last year, your collective success was up over 36%  Outperforming the market is a indisputable indicator that your success is not market dependent, it’s earned by doing the extra things that your clients recognize and appreciate. Thanks for all you do.

Top Performers


List For Your Life Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

We’re going to have a fun time with our Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament and someone will walk away smiling with thousands in cash.  It only takes one listing to enter and Roshambo your way to cool cash.

2014 List-To-Live Listing Campaign======

Credibility + Visibility = Profitability

Show what you know.  Share these reports with your friends, neighbors, relatives, prospects, suspects and everyone your know.

Here are reports for April 2014.  In them you’ll find a month-by-month two year accounting of  Sales Per Month, Listing Inventory By Month, Average Sold and Median Home Prices, Average Price Per Square Foot and Months Supply Of Inventory.  Take a look.


It’s a Screaming Seller’s Market.  Learn all there is to know about our Highest and Best Seller’s Market Marketing Plan, First-To-Know Lighting Alerts, Buyer-Needs Network, Pocket Listings and Coming Soon Strategies.

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Seller's Market Mastermind Meeting

Thanks everyone for all you do.  If I can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779


PS.  A closing thought.

Great Advice


Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders | March 31st | BHGRE Gary Greene The Woodlands and Magnolia

Life is short, be happy.


It’s been a busy month and the Spring Season is in bloom.

Please upload your sales and listing files into BackAgent so we can process your awesome handiwork.  Thanks.


Loyalizing Buyer’s in a Seller’s Market

Loyalize Your Buyers


Join us.  Please read and review these materials before the workshop.  Thanks.


$3,500 in Cash Is Up For Grabs.  

ONE listing gets you in the game, where your Rock-Paper-Skills (and luck) can kick in and you can CA$H In.  Go, Go, GO;-)

2014 List-To-Live Listing Campaign


Read THIS.

Linsey and I will be in all week.  If we can be helpful, please call on us.  Thanks for all you do.


Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – March 10th, 2014 | BHGRE Gary Greene

2014-02-01 08.03.48

There’s an ocean of opportunity.  Dive IN.

Congratulations on a Strong February, we have much to be proud of.  But we can’t sit still.  Let’s keep pressing, sharing, serving, solving and simplifying things for our clients.

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Market Share by broker March 2014


Only 21 days left to lock in your Lives for our List For Your Life Listing Campaign.  

Good luck.

2014 List-To-Live Listing Campaign


Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

Our monthly Home Sales Market Reports are ready for sharing.  Don’t hesitate.  Put information to work for you today.

Home Sales reports for The Woodlands, Magnolia and Spring TX.


Official CARTUS Certifications for Buyers and Sellers

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Thanks for all you do.  Let me know if I can be helpful.  Ken Brand – 832-797-1779