How To Wrap Your Head And Arms Around Social Media For Real Estate Agents

You’be been wanting to wrap your head and arms around Social Media for years now.  Here’s your chance.

Knowledge isn’t going to magically appear in our heads, we have to apply ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity to undersand how it works and how YOU can point and shoot for success.   Once and for all. Sign up before they fill up. Go, go, GO:-)  Click HERE to download the info in PDF.

Social Meida Boot Camp

How to All-About-Them, More-Ah-Ha Answer Tricky Client Questions and Concerns.

Here’s what I use when in our All-About-Them communications strategy workshop. We include examples, stories, questions, answers, strategy and simple action plans.  Cheers. If I can be helpful – Ken Brand | 832-797-1779.

Gary Greene Custom Post Cards added to our BHGRE Greenhouse Digital Marketing Center

Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know that we now have a special link in The Print Marketing Center for our specially designed postcards to be featured!

After you have logged into the Greenhouse and gone to The Print Marketing Center, you will see on the homepage GARY GREENE > POSTCARDSClick POSTCARDS and you’ll find several already there with more to come (see attached):

1. 8 Staging Campaign postcards

2. Champions Office ‘2012 Sunshine Kids Fall Fest’ on October 3rd

3. 2012 Fall Festivals – with local events from October through December listed

4. Relocation postcard – ‘Is a friend or family moving, out of state….out of the country….across town?

5. New Agent announcement cards

6. Hurricane Safety Tips

7. And more to come!

This link is where we plan to feature other ‘local marketing postcards’ after Better Homes and Gardens has approved them – like our annual Rodeo Schedule,  Spring Festivals, Cool Web Sites for Kids, etc. – postcards that have been popular with agents in past years.

Agents also need to click on the SEASONAL LINK at the top of the page to access wonderful cards that are available to them – 2013 Calendars, Houston Texans schedule, Astros schedule, Holiday cards and Marketing Tips. There are hundreds of professionally designed postcards available that agents can order today and have mailed tomorrow!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Pat Ellis – 713-465-6644


Good Morning Monday Reminders – July 9th, 2012

Ha, Ha, anything is possible if you won’t be stopped?

Team Meeting Tuesday Morning – I’m looking forward to meeting with you all.  We’re having breakfast goodies at Highland Homes Paloma Grove – Creekside Model.  Here’s a flyer.

July Homes Sales Market Reports are ready.  Click here to download the PDF.If your ears are tingling Monday afternoon, it us talking about how luminescent you are.  Our office was the top sales office in the company for June.  Congratulations.  I’ll be attending the monthly manager’s meeting at corporate Monday afternoon.

If I can be helpful > Ken Brand 832-797-1779

Why you need to become a Transmedia Anthropologist. Right Now.

I invented the word “Transmedia Anthropologist”.

What, you don’t believe me.  See for yourself.  Google Search For “Transmedia Anthropologist“.

I imagined the word when I was trying to come up with a description of how sales people modern experience providers must approach our morphing consumer society.  And I was trying to add some zing to the author bio for my book.

What is a Transmedia Anthropologist.

It’s best if I start by letting Wikipedia and a Dictionary explain the quasi basic meaning of the two words:

“Transmedia storytelling, also known as multi-platform storytellingcross-platform storytelling, or transmedia narrative, is the technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. ” – Wikipedia

Definition of ANTHROPOLOGY

1. The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.  – The Free Dictionary
Stich these two art and sciences together and there you have it.  I know.   It’s weird.  At the Wizard Academy we call it Suessing. But that’s another story.  Moving on.

Why do we need to be Transmedia Anthropologists?

Because if we’re in the sales and service biz, we’re in the people biz.  And if we’re in the people business then understanding how to market tell/share relevant and sexy stories is everything.  There’s so much noise, chaos and confusion distortion distraction sucking the joy out of our lives, not to mention mind numbing mediocrity, if we can’t shimmer and shine, or least stand-above the legions of lame, we’re screwed.

How do we become a Transmedia anthropologist?

Step One (as far as I’m concerned) is to understand the two parts.
The Anthropologist part has to do with understanding what makes a persons pupils dilute, breathe heavy, lust, love, laugh or trust.  Also what’s benign, repugnant or repellent.  It’s important to become students of human behavior, cultural waves and evolving beliefs.  The better we understand others (and ourselves) the more likely it is that we can create appreciated must-have experiences.  Then we get chosen.  The sale is made. Everybody wins – whee!
The Trasmedia part is about the how and where we share/tell (communicate) our attention arresting, emotionally jaring connecting charged stories.  Stories about how we can solve thorny problems or make things supremely better.  Right now, the where part of Trasmedia is supremely important.  Why is that you ask?  Because there are a bajillion places and mediums to choose from – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, SlideShare, Pinterst, and on and on.  A Transmedia Pro, or Pro In Progress (PIP?) is evergreen observing and open-mindedly experimenting, hugging-it-out with and planting flags in promising platforms/networks/communities.
Step Two is hooking-up these two arts and sciences to create your own unique, relevant, must-have story, figuring out the best delivery medium (text, video, pictures, audio, etc), and where and which places (in real live and online) are best for sharing your story.
That’s it.  If we’re not consciously observing and responding to the desires, preferences and prejudices of others (anthropology) and beaming what we know and what we can do for others in all the right ways, and in the best places (transmedia), then we’re sure to perish.  So that’s why we need to become Transmedia Anthropologists.
Of course, I could be all wrong.  After all, I made the word up.
What do you think?