One of the Best Real Estate Teams in the Country Calls The Woodlands Home

One of the Best Real Estate Teams in the Country Calls The Woodlands Home

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene’s Cherylé Sanderson Team honored with national recognition

HOUSTON, TEXAS (November 1, 2013) –The Cherylé Sanderson Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, The Woodlands, has been recognized as one of America’s best by REAL Trends Inc., the real estate industry’s leading firm for evaluation and services, providing analysis and ratings for residential brokerage firms throughout the country.

“With over one million residential real estate professionals throughout the United States, it is a tremendous accomplishment to be acknowledged as one of the best,” said Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC, of the Sanderson Team’s recognition.

“We strive every day to provide the best possible customer service, and ensure all of our clients’ needs and expectations are met from the first meeting, to closing
and beyond. We make sure every detail is attended to, and we go the extra mile and a half to insure success and satisfaction,” Sanderson said.

According to Sanderson, she and her business partner, CeCelia Smith, who have worked together for 18 years, have different skills; so they complement each other and are successful by combining each other’s strengths, creating an amplified level of service, care and results.

“Also, we both love people. This industry is not really a real estate industry, it is a people industry. Everything we do is all about our clients, the people we serve and help,” Sanderson said.

Another key to their success, according to Smith, is the team’s ability to comfortably adjust to each client’s unique needs, expectations and where they are in their lives, which helps ensure stress-free success.


Ken Brand, sales manager at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers, was not surprised by the Sanderson Team’s recognition.

“Cheryle’ and CeCelia are ridiculously committed to making positive things happen for their clients. The natural outcome of awesome service and sparkling results is

that their business thrives on referral recommendations from happy clients. Buying or selling can be filled with stressful surprises. Sanderson, Smith and their team insure that transaction details are handled with precession and that people involved in the transaction are treated with respect, grace, professional care and attention. Sincere high touch and supreme attention to detail is an award-winning combination.” Brand said.

This recognition means a great deal to the Team. “We work very hard for our clients every day, and we often work long hours to make sure they are taken care of and all of their goals are met. This recognition lets us know we have reached that goal. We are thrilled and humbled at this and would like to thank all we have worked with, and look forward to working with new clients, too,” Sanderson said.

The Cherylé Sanderson Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, The Woodlands, is located at 9000 Forest Crossing, The Woodlands, Texas 77381 and may be reached by calling 281-413-9990 or via email

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The Woodlands Homes Sales Report and what it means to Sellers and Buyers – April 2013

Sellers Rule

It’s a classic supply and demand situation.  Homes for sale are few, qualified buyers are many.  Prices are on the rise.  Buyer’s must be bold and move fast.  One year from now demand will be stronger and prices will be higher.

2013 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands

Sellers:  In this muscular seller’s market getting a property SOLD is an entry level, minimum expectation.  Striving to SELL your property for the highest-possible-price with the very-best-terms is the richer and more profitable result you can expect using our HIGHEST AND BEST Seller’s-Market Marketing Plan.  Why settle for a mediocre market-driven result when a savvy strategy driven plan can leverage market conditions to maximize your profits and amplify your success.

As we can see in chart above, inventory is wafer thin.  Qualified buyers lurk unfulfilled, frustrated, and anxiously running in place as they wait for fresh listing inventory to appear on the market.  Our HIGHEST-AND-BEST marketing strategy creates a frenzy of interest, a queue of competing qualified buyers and multiple offer possibilities, all leading  to the HIGHEST-AND-BEST price, terms and profits for your property.  We will help you leverage and maximize this amazing seller’s-market opportunity.

Our strategy is simple, logical and powerful. The mojo of maximized profits and favorable terms lie in our partnership of preparation with you, and our crisp  execution of marketing details, actions and events.  On your behalf our HIGHEST-AND-BEST marketing plan taps into and leverages the natural laws of supply, demand and human nature, merchandising and staging, digital, print, photographic and copywriting promotion, massive internet syndication, mobilizing the poised-to-pounce local real estate agent nation, a Public-Reveal Open House and trustworthy timing, coordination and execution

If you’re making a move let’s talk about our Thirteen Point Plan for sweet success and your HIGHEST AND BEST result. If it’s for you, away we go.  If it’s not for you, no worries, you’ll be all the wiser and some of the ideas we share will help you no matter who you choose.  If we can be helpful let me know – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.

Buyers Swarm

We expect demand to steadily rise over the next several years due to all of THIS.

2013 Under Contract Month to Month The WoodlandsBuyers:  Home Search, Selection and Inventory,  it’s thin.  When fresh inventory hits the market you’ll want to know about it pronto.  To keep from losing out, have your trusted real estate agent set you up with an email auto-notification based on your unique and specific requirements.  With our new Fusion MLS system when a listing agent enters their shiny new listing data, property photos and information into the MLS system and hits the This-New-Listing-Is-Officially-On-The-Market button, within a few heart beats you will receive an instant email alert.  It doesn’t matter if the new listing goes live at high noon, midnight or anytime in-between  you’ll know about cool, hot new listings that meet your personal criteria before the uninformed and slow-moving tortoise like masses.  Now that you know before your bidding against you home buying competitors everyone else, move swiftly. Stories about hot new listings hitting the market and attracting multiple showings and offers on the first or second day are not exaggerated.  Move fast and you’ll be moving in.  Congratulations!

We’re seeing more and more off the MLS radar inventory sold via jungle drums, whisper campaigns and real estate agent grape vines.  Savvy listing agents prepping a new listing for market and always-on selling agents are exchanging phone calls, texts and emails about upcoming inventory.  We’re seeing many properties sell privately before they hit the MLS mass market.  Ask your trusted real estate agent to bang a drum, send emails to known top listing agents, put a ear to the ground, make some phone calls and see if they can learn about fresh soon-to-be-on-the-market listings before everyone else.

Expectations and Behaviors:  Put yourself in the shoes of a seller.  In a seller’s market what are they seeing,thinking and feeling?

Sellers are smiling, knowing it’s a seller driven market.  Understanding the mindset of the seller and their listing agent will help you and your agent successfully navigate your home buying experience, eliminate lost opportunity, buy at a fair price and move into your new home with a smile too.

When you find your dream home don’t drag your feet, hem or haw.  Hustle pays off.  In this market a tortoise won’t win the race. Be prepared to pull the trigger, be a Buffet bullet and submit your offer.

If held for a long period of time and purchased at low rates, Buffett says houses are even better than stocks. He advises buyers to take out a 30-year mortgage and refinance if rates go down. – Warren Buffet

It won’t happen every time, but anticipate competing offers and consider adjusting sweetening (without souring your satisfaction) your offer accordingly.  Values are risings, don’t wring your hands over a few thousand dollars.  Today’s insanely low mortgage rates make affordability a once in a life time gift.  For every thousand dollars you borrow on a thirty year mortgage your monthly payment will rise a measly five bucks or so.  That means if you and the seller are  ten thousand dollars apart from an agreed up price, you’re really not talking about ten thousand dollars, because you’re financing your purchase you’re really talking about fifty bucks more a month.  Come on now.  What’s the big deal.  If it’s the property for you and yours, make your move.  Remember, odds are, if  it’s an attractive enough property for you to be interested, no doubt other qualified buyers will be attracted too. Those other people are your competition!  Don’t let them drink your milkshake.   You will begin to build equity by owning now, not looking and waiting for deals and steals – they don’t exist.

Don’t be embarrassed, too prideful or penny wise and pound foolish to offer full or over list price . In this market offers submitted at or slightly above list price are necessary to win.  These committed buyers usually walk away with prize.  When you find what you like, it’s fine to end the home search tour and put in an immediate offer. If you like it love it, buy own it. Plus, keep in the mind the mortgage company will complete a property value appraisal. If the property doesn’t appraise for the contract price you can always bail or renegotiate.

Terms Of Purchase:  To hone an edge and stand out in the sellers eyes consider sweetening the terms of your offer.

  • Larger down-payment.
  • Bigger earnest money deposit.
  • Short trigger point deadlines and exit clauses for things like the Option Period and days for financing approval.
  • Provide the seller with written mortgage pre-approval from your lender.
  • Flexible closing date.
  • Possible seller lease back.
  • A personal letter to the seller sharing a little bit about yourself and your situation sometimes helps the seller choose one bidding buyers offer over the other.

Inspections and Repairs:   After your contract is executed you’ll have an opportunity to have the property inspected.  Because you’re not buying a brand new home it’s common to turn up a long or short list of items that aren’t perfect.  Understand accept that in a seller’s market a seller is less inclined to pay for the repair of cosmetic items.  Have your agent get a bid on the inspection items you’d like to have completed.  If the seller won’t pay for them don’t get angry or take your eyes off your prize, your real estate agent will have the names and numbers of reputable repair and home improvement people who can get the job done for you fast and affordably.  Or if you’re a DIY kinda person, go for it.  Don’t lose out because the seller won’t make the property perfect or spend a few hundred dollars in cosmetic type repairs.  If you like it, buy it own it.

The bottom line for buyers

Use these tips and you’ll successfully navigate today’s new strong-like-bull seller’s market realities with a smile and success.  Good luck, speed and grace.

If we can be helpful – Ken Brand 832-797-1779.



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