All SUCCESS is a collection of small consistent steps – steps like monthly Market Report direct mail.

At Tuesday’s sales meeting we talked about the importance of Creating Top Of Mind Awareness in the minds and memories of the people in your sphere of influence.  This year will overflow with opportunities, but if your people don’t remember you when it’s time to call a real estate agent (Secret Agent Syndrome) you’re sunk, broke and sad.

Part of a successful campaign includes sending a personalized monthly direct mail piece.  At the sales meeting we talked about the Monthly Market Report.  The benefits of ordering this piece is this:

1.  You don’t have to think or remember – which means you can focus on the important personal and professional tasks in your life.   After you call Pat Ellis in marketing [ 713-465-664 ] or email mail her with the number you want (order extra for Open Houses, etc.), and send her your contact numbers and a professional photo, the cards will arrive every month around the 15th.  You don’t have to think or remember.  When they show up in your mail box, sent them out.  

2.  You save $$$$$ and make $$$$$ x10.  The post cards are oversized so they stick out in a stack of mail.  Your cost for a personalized, two sided, oversized postcard is only 27cents (This investment will show up on your monthly accounts billing).  The actual cost is around 60cents, the company pays the 35cents, you pay 25cents.

3.  You receive a postage credit of $45 per month to mail them out.  If you send more than the credit amount you simply pay the difference.)

4.  Creating Top Of Mind Awareness will make you successful.  Doing little or nothing, or the same things that didn’t work well last year will lead to more of the same – Secret Agent Syndrome.

There’s a sample of what this months card will look like just below.  Of course it will look a thousand times better because your picture will make it zing and fizz.
Thanks for all you do.  Go, Go, Go.