Meet Ken Brand

Who’s Ken?

A: At age 4, at 3:42pm on Christmas Eve, he set fire to his home playing pirate in his living room. Fitting that things have come full circle. Ken’s eager to help you spark your success, fly your flag, burn down convention, help you explore uncharted territories and discover your buried troves of treasure.

A reformed pyro, a coach, mentor, parent, amateur athlete, gadget guy, real estate psychologist and self-taught social media anthropologist, Ken’s been involved in more than 15,700 transactions since 1978 in San Diego, Austin, Aspen, and in he and Robyn’s (his wife of 27 years) current home, The Woodlands, Texas.

Through both spectacular failures and shared triumphant victories, Ken’s seen, heard, and most importantly felt it all.

Now that their three kids have scattered across the country to live and learn, he’s eager to listen and advise, coach and counsel, commit and (in all likelihood) be committed.

When not helping, Ken’s typically floor-burning up the racquetball court or unearthing third gravitating bodies in films, books, social media, the majesty of life’s daily spectacle, or his own murmured musings (two short Wild Fiction stories and guest writer at

What else?  I copied and pasted from my Facebook profile.

Activities: Reading. Wizard Academy. Racquet Ball. Movies. Surfing. Visiting the kids. Vegas of course. Naps. Writing. Music. Blah,blah…right? Social Media.  Real Estate Coaching.  Working Out.  Presenting. Thinking and Day Dreaming.  Creating.

Interests: I guess my interests are my activites….duh.

Favorite Music:  I’m all over the place. Of course real Rock n Roll. Some new stuff.

Favorite TV Shows: HBO Series – Sopranos, Deadwood [Al Swerigen reminds me of my dad].  OZ, The Wire, Entourage, 6 Feet Under, Weeds, Rome,  Califonikation, Big Love, Deadliest Catch & Antique Road Shows (weird I know.). What I don’t like is watching the news…all that, doom, gloom and woe is me. Uggg.

Favorite Movies: Brave Heart, Big Lebowski, Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Schindler’s List, Momento, Resevior Dogs, Perfume, Ace Ventura, Shawshank Redemption, True Romance, Band Of Brothers, Little Miss Sunshine, Gladiator, The Hurt Locker, Crazy Heart.

Favorite Authors:  Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Roy H. Williams, Scott Ginsberg, John Irving, Phillip Roth, Edgar Rice Burrougs, Isacc Asimov, Robert Ludlum, Tim Robbins.

Work – Live – Play: Residential real estate Solutions, bright ideas, candid consultations, anti-chaos systems, elite performance coaching, creative communication arts solutions & 31 years of fun, shaed triumph, boom, bust, blood, sweat and tears experience.  Sales Manager, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene – The Woodlands Area Regional Marketing and Sales Center.