All SUCCESS is a collection of small consistent steps – steps like monthly Market Report direct mail.

Creating Top Of Mind Awareness in the minds and memories of the people in your sphere of influence is the most important part of creating perpetual success.   2013 will overflow with opportunities, but if your people don’t remember you when it’s time to contact a real estate agent (Secret Agent Syndrome) you’re sunk, broke and sad.

Part of a successful campaign includes sending a personalized monthly direct mail piece.  Please follow the instructions below to swing your simple Top Of Mind Awareness System into action.

 Our new Technicolor Market Report can be found and launched for our BHG Greenhouse.

Our new Market Report post card program is in place at the BHGGreenhouse and ready to go. Below you’ll find an overview and instruction on how to fast and simple send your post card.

1. Market Reports will be printed in full color on both sides and mailed directly from Xpressdocs in the Greenhouse

2.  Order you initial set up by contacting Pat Ellis in creative services.  Email your setup request by sending an email to  Include your high resolution photo and your contact numbers [cell number, web address & email].

3.  Pat will send you a proof of your personalized post card. Once you’ve approved your market report post card Pat will upload your post card to your MyBHGGreenhouse account.

4. You have two options for ordering and sending your market report post card.

Fast and Simple Option One:  Upload your mailing address and send directly to your sphere. Video instruction on how to upload your contacts can be found below.

Slow and Complicated Option Two:  Order your market report post cards and have them sent to you.  Print your labels.  Affix your labels. Mail.

Here’s how to fast and simple find and send your market report post card.

You will need to login at….then:

1. Scroll down to The Print Marketing Center, click that,

2. Scroll down again to The Print Marketing Center > Go To Print Marketing Center. Click that. You are now in XpressDocs in the Greenhouse.

3. To the left of the screen you will see PENDING ORDERS, click that

4. Your file will be listed AGENT FIRST/LAST NAME_the month Market Report’ > click PLACE to the left of the file name and proceed with the order.

5. Be sure to select UV COATING ON THE FRONT, there is no cost for that option on postcards and will keep your mail outs looking fresh!

6.  Choose your mailing option and send.  Charges will be applied to your credit card.  After ordering you will receive an email confirmation and receipt.  Forward your receipt to Linda Sawyers at  Linda will forward your expense to corporate accounting and they will credit your GG account $40.

If you have problems during the ordering process, click LIVE CHAT in the upper right corner.

Or let’s time block 15 minutes into your schedule and I’ll show you how.

We hope you like the new design and are excited about the new program to help you create indelible Top Of Mind Awareness.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for all you do.  Go, Go, Go.