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Believe Then Act

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2015 will bring an ocean of opportunity.

To get your fair share, using smart modern strategies and leverage is important.

If you’d like to pow-wow about how to put smart, modern strategies into motion, let us know.

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Ken’s Holiday Schedule

I’ll be out the office celebrating early Christmas with the family December 19th to the 26th.  Linsey will be available and intown while I’m out.  Also, for urgent issues I will have my iPhone handy, if you need me, ping me.  Thanks, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

The Eminent 2015 Listings Surge

We’ll see a surge in listing opportunities in the New Year.  Now’s the time to make contact so that you’re Top Of Mind.  On listing appointments, when talking about how our strategies for getting their property sold with top terms, include the graphic below in your conversation.  It’s always best to have hard facts.  This MLS data driven graph shows  statically how we do the best job netting our sellers more money.  We have the best-for-sellers Sold Price To List Price Percentage.  Congrats and way to make better things happen.

Click HERE to download the .PDF.  Click HERE to download the .JPEG

GG #1 Sold Price To List Price Dec 2014



Thanks for all you do.  kb



Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – December 8th, 2014

Congratulations and Thank You

Thanks to your extra efforts our team leads all brokers in netting our sellers more money via Sold Price To List Price Percentage, we lead the company November and  year-to-date sales success .

Click HERE to download the November Top Performers Report

SP to LP Percentage Nov 2014

Holiday Luncheon Fun

Home Sales Market REports – The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia and 77389 (new).

Click HERE to download the Homes Sales Reports.  Please share everywhere.  Thanks.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.22.16 AM

Sharing Your Reviews

When you receive a review please forward  a screen shot so I can share your review with the world on our Flickr Icon Review Page.

Thanks for all you do.  If I can be helpful – Ken Brand – 832-797-1779

Photos – Holiday Luncheon 2014 | BHGRE Gary Greene Team – The Woodlands and Magnolia Marketing Centers

Holiday Luncheon with the most amazing icon agents in the world.  Maybe the universe.

The Woodlands 2014 Homes Sales Report – BHGRE Gary Greene | November 2014

The Situation.

As our Houston economy bulls forward, construction cranes come down and thousands of new neighbors, family and friends in-tow, begin to pour to work, live and play in shiny new office buildings, hip restaurants and retail centers, we expect demand for housing to surge forward, pushing 2015 prices and opportunity upward.  There will be winners and losers.

Homes For Sale Listing Inventory = Supply 

Listing Inventory The Woodlands

As you can see from the MLS data above, inventory and selection for buyers began to improve in April. In addition to improved selection in the resale market, new home builders are opening neighborhoods and adding inventory/selection for buyers and competitive pressure for resale sellers.  2015 demand will out pace supply and  prices for both will continue to rise.

Sales Written = Demand

contracts written the woodlands 13 vs 14

Year-to-date sales trail last years ever so slightly, supply and demand factors continue to press home prices higher and keep The Woodlands real estate market padlocked in a strong seller’s-market mode.

Supply and Demand = Higher Home Prices

According to real estate economists a six-month supply of For Sale inventory represents a balanced market between sellers and buyers.   Over six months of inventory indicates a buyer’s market, below six months indicates a sellers market.  Look at what’s happening in The Woodlands by price range

Croped MSI

In-The-Know Sold Price Info For 2014 

Average Days On Market (DOM) for sold listings remains swift for well merchandised and professionally marketed properties.

 35 DOM in 2013

34 DOM in 2014

  Average Sold Price To List Price Percentage will remain high.

98% in 2013

98% to 2014  

Average Median and Sold Prices Continue To Vine Upward.  

Median and Avg Sold Price 2014

For Sellers.

Q.  When’s the best time to sell?

A. Choosing the best time to sell depends on factors unique to you.

If you’re selling to move-up to something more expensive, rising prices will lift the price of the home you want to buy higher than the home you’re currently living in.  If you’re moving up, waiting will cost you more.

The sooner you sell your less expensive property and buy the more expensive property the more you save on the home you’re buying and profit from rising prices.  To leverage this seller’s-market contact your trusted Gary Greene real estate Pro. You can count on us.

If you’re selling a more expensive property to move into something less expensive you have the luxury of time. Rising prices will push the price of your more expensive property higher than the less expensive property you will be buying. Rising home prices and time to find the perfect next home is your friend.

To discuss current market conditions in your specific neighborhood and to begin your search for the perfect next home, contact your Gary Greene Real Estate Pro. We put the know in knowledge.

Q. If I sell my home will I be able to find another?

A. There are multiple strategies that can make your move less stressful and more successful.  To discuss timing and get candid answers to all your questions contact your trusted Gary Greene Pro. We’ll take good care of you.

For Buyers.

Q.  Will prices continue to rise.

A.  Positive economic forces and supply and demand factors will continue to press home prices higher. The sooner you act the sooner you’ll save money and begin enjoying the benefits of appreciation.

 When selection is thin and other buyers are looking for what you’re looking for, you’ll want to know about fresh inventory first.  To keep from losing out and learn about new listings before the uninformed and slow-moving masses have your favorite Gary Greene Pro set you up with First-To-Know Instant Alerts.  We put the know in knowledge.  Really. 

Q.  What about Pocket Listings and Private Sales?

When inventory is drum-tight a surprising number of off-the-MLS-radar properties are  sold via jungle drums, whisper campaigns and agent grape vines.  Savvy listing agents prepping a new listing for market and always-on selling-agents are exchanging phone calls, texts and eMails , sharing details about upcoming, but-not-on-MLS-yet listing inventory.  As a result, prime properties sell privately. If you’d like to know about  prime off-the-MLS properties For Sale before the mass market ask your in-the-know Gary Greene Pro to plug you into the Pocket Listing and Private Sale insider network.    

Q.  When I find my dream home how do I write a winning offer.

A.  Shine in the eyes of the seller by strengthening your offer with favorable terms such as:

  • Larger down-payment.
  • Bigger earnest money deposit.
  • More Option Money.
  • Short deadline trigger times and exit clauses for things like the Option Period and days for Third Party Financing approval.
  • Provide the seller with written mortgage pre-approval.
  • If you’re financing is certain, eliminate financing contingencies.
  • A Flexible closing date.
  • A seller lease back.
  • A personal letter to the seller sharing a little bit about yourself and your situation sometimes helps the seller choose one bidding buyer’s offer over the other.

To successfully navigate today’s turbulent seller’s-market realities with a smile and success contact your trusted Gary Greene Pro today.  Thank you.

Good Monday Morning Icon Reminders – November 17th | BHGRE Gary Greene – The Woodlands and Magnolia

To Do.  To Know. 

The last two years were the most opportunity-for-success filled years in the history of Houston real estate.  2015 will bring new world record levels of opportunity.  The key to capitalizing on opportunity begins with a make-it-happen strategy.  The journey to new 2015 success begins Monday and Tuesday.  Sign Up. Show Up.  Blow UP. 

Business Planning Made Easy – Workshop Events

Workshop 101 – First Year Pros – Monday November 17th, 10:30 to Noon

New Agents Planning For Early Success and Long Term Growth

One of the hard parts of building a business plan when you start off in the business is that you don’t have past experience to draw from in making estimations.  What do the lead generation systems look like?  How many transactions should I shoot for?  What income is possible for me?  How do I manage my schedule? How do I direct my daily activities to turn into business opportunities?

This workshop will focus on all of these areas and help you create asimple to execute plan for 2015 that will get you to where you want to be in your real estate career.  It will also help you define and position you for the success you are looking for over the next 5 years.

Register for Workshop One on Backagent

Workshop 102 – The GO in GrOw –  Tuesday November 18th, 10:30 to Noon

Growth – Planning For Increased Production

Maybe you’ve had early success in your career, or maybe you’ve always been a consistent producer, and yet you may feel like there are untapped opportunities.  Many times I’ve seen people implement small changes that make BIG life changing impact on production.  If you are looking to refine systems, and examine opportunities for growth, this workshop is for you.

Register for Workshop Two on Backagent

Workshop 103 –  Advanced Leverage Strategies  – Tuesday November 18th, 1:00 to 2:30

Efficiencies and Increasing Return Business Planning

You may have experienced massive growth in recent years and you know that it may be time to refine systems, analyze costs, and activities.  You may be on the brink of launching into the next level. You may simply be looking for efficiencies.  Not everyone wants more business.  Maybe you’d just like things to be easier.

Either way, if you feel like you are at the place where you need to examine improving ROI and refining systems, this workshop is for you.  This is for experienced agents that have achieved consistent, recurring business.

Register for Workshop Three on Backagent 

What Do I Need to Bring for Workshop Three?

1. Total number of YTD Active, Pending and Closed transactions

2. Total YTD Active, Pending, and Closed volume

3. Source of Each Transaction

4. Average Sale Price

5. Average Commission Rate

6. Percentages for Listings versus Buyer sales

7. List of the prospect that you already know that you have coming in 2015

8. Profit and Loss statement if you have it.  Don’t sweat this if you don’t.

You won’t be sharing this information with anyone in the group, but you will want to have access to it for the planning.  If you don’t have this information, don’t worry.  Just call me or shoot me an email and we’ll work together to make sure you have it for the workshop

Home Sales Market Reports Are Ready For Sharing and Study.

The more you know the more your clients will value your expertise and excellence.  Be Smart.

 It remains a solid seller’s market.  Inventory (selections) is full and it looks like 2014 will go down as the second best year in total homes sales.  We expect 2015 to set new records for number of sales and price per square foot.

You can find all the Market Reports in this FOLDER.

2014 Listing Inventory Month to Month The Woodlands2014 Under Contract Month to Month The Woodlands
November 2014Months Supply Of Inventory By Price Range - Real Estate Market Report 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.39.41 AM

Where’s Ken?

I’ll be out of the office Monday and Wednesday, huddling up with Mark, Marilyn and my manager brother and sisters at our Annual Strategic Planning Session.  It’s time for us to get together and review where we are, how we got here, what’s working, what new to do, what to stop, what to continue and most importantly, how can we help our hard working team members deliver the highest levels of excellence and results for our clients.  Business planning is important, I hope you’ll take advantage of the Business Planning Workshops the Linsey will be leading this Monday and Tuesday.

  I’ll have all my Apple Fan Boy gear with me so if you need me call, text or eMail.